AQA Required practical Chromatography

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We are having to do some of the required practicals outside of the science block due to year group bubbles .

Therefore I have to set up the AQA Required practical Chromatography in a non science classroom.

My big question is do the students need to wear eye protection? My initial thought is swaying to yes . It would be easier for me if the students do not to have to wear safety glasses .

We use glass capillary tubes to apply a spot of ink to the paper . I am just worried regarding broken glass or ink getting into their eyes . I think I have answered my own question !
second opinion would be nice
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What is the solvent being used? If it is just water I would say no, if its something else do you need a fumehood for the solvent?

It is going to be a very very low chance that they will get ink in their eye. If you are worried about it, tell the teacher or your HoD your concerns and ask to see the risk assessment for that practical being done outside of the lab. If you like the teacher of course offer to help them with amending the RA for that class. :D
Do they need goggles? No (assuming water is solvent)
Should they have them? Yes

With today's completely broken justice system, lack of common sense and sue happy culture it's better to be safe than sorry.
Could you modify it while it's happening in a classroom so that instead of ink and capillary tubes they're using felt tips/berol pens or the like?

The likelihood is low and the risk is low but I'd still be wary of doing anything with a liquid in a room with no eye washing facilities on hand

paul r

The dept has done a full risk assessment for this practical after a bit of persuation from me ! so I am happy now !
This is a bit late but check out my faked ones for the kids to stick in their books and make notes on.