Anyone see snow today ?

Neices messaged from Suffolk ( Lowestoft & Norwich) Snow there. None in Beccles.)
I've just got back from trip to St Albans ( collecting rescue pooch) No snow there, just constant dreary rain.
We don't get snow days any more. School bought a snow plough , spoilsports. Although I feel for site staff as they have to come in at 5am & use it to clear site, thing doesn't work brilliantly so they have to walk behind with shovels & brooms. I told them to put sugar in it's tank next time ;)
Sadly no snow over the weekend here, just loads of rain and cold. I am still hopeful for some in the coming days, but here in Sunny outer London/West Kent doesn't seem to happen as often as it did :(

karen b

I saw the very melted remains of a snowman on the grass near my son’s accommodation block in Cambridge when fetching him on Saturday