Alternative colours for chromatography practical (year 7)?

Morning all,

My blue, red, green & yellow pens have vanished...

I am left with an array of other colours and was wondering which other colours would give good results for this practical for year 7?

Many thanks :)
We use three different types of black - you get some good reactions from the kids when they give different bands but all start the same colour
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We lose quite a few felt tip pens when doing this.
I used pick up the ones pupils leave on the floor and see if they give good results.
Black, blue & purple usually give best results, but some are terrible.
Not had to buy any for years. :)
Greys give good spectrum, so does purple. Black is really good to compare if you are doing Rf value which edexcel do in chem topic 2
I do this with a range of black inks and capillary tubes for GCSE 'who done it'. (you could always fill fountain pens if you really need it to be a pen) You can buy a range of inks.
Trawled the internet for pen ink suppliers found this one that has a massive range and will supply 2.5ml samples @ about £1 a go. Got 8 different blacks to try for less than £10 including postage. Will use capillary tubes to spot the ink on the paper. The other option is to get food dyes and mix up your own combinations in water.
Here is the range of blacks
Here is the link to the thread