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Visualisers - A perfect tool for teaching science

The visualiser has been around for some time; however, recent events have seen a surge in the use of visualisers in classrooms and laboratories. The equipment is used to project a high definition image of what is being viewed through the visualiser lens to a central screen, which includes a realm of other features such as video recording, time-lapse, and much more.

If adopted and used effectively the visualiser proves to be a very helpful tool in helping students maximise their learning; linking the theoretical with the practical and improving engagement in science as well as many other applications.

Some key benefits of using visualisers in school include:

  • Supports peer and self-assessment by giving on the spot feedback

  • Frees up teachers’ time, improving productivity

  • Improves comprehension and reduces marking

  • Promotes inclusion in the classroom

  • Share best practice and resources across the school

  • Supports a variety of learning styles

  • Enhances learning abilities and minuses cognitive load

Functionality and features of using the visualiser in education bring a realm of benefits to the table. From enhanced teaching techniques such as live feedback, implementing practical’s to the whole class in real-time, recording and time lapsing; to tackling learning styles and barriers to learning which can increase productivity and memory function of students.

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