1. T

    Hello, thank you and... goodbye?

    While dropping out of uni (trying to do chemical engineering during covid broke me lol) my old chemistry teacher (now HOD) offered me a temporary lab technician job at my old school. I took the job for until the end of the academic year so my time is almost up. I was woefully inexperienced...
  2. littlemumdent

    Hello and Thank you from Sunny Cumbria

    Hi Everyone , I have finally joined and just want to say what a great help this forum has been when I have been googling for help in the prep room. I love the variety of things you get to do as a school lab technician. Today I've been making up solutions, judging a lab coat colouring in...
  3. JediiKnyght


    Hi all! I'm Magnus, and I work in many roles, across the private healthcare and education sectors. I've only recently started working as a Science Technician in school (generally I'm a Cover Supervisor/nQTS Teacher, with my degree in Education Studies and Science). I'm muddling through at the...