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    SSS/SLS thread deletion

    I have deleted the SSS / SLS thread for several reasons in accordance with our site rules. A negative personal experience with any supply company is a matter best remedied by contacting the supplier directly. Usually issues are quickly resolved which is why we do not allow posting about...
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    Please post in the appropriate forum

    Yes I can and do move threads when I notice them. I'd rather everyone posts in the correct sections though really as I can't see them all.
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    SYC Secure Your Chemicals

    OK 10MB is too big to host here but if you upload them to a site like you can easily share the link for free. This site will host the files for 30 days without registering. If you register (for free) it then hosts the sites indefinitely.
  4. prepAdmin

    SYC Secure Your Chemicals

    How big is the file and what format is it? (What type of Excel doc extension) Or better still - email me a copy of it:
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    Please post in the appropriate forum

    Hi all, We are getting lots and lots of posts at the moment, which is a good thing, but it means that some forums, especially this one (Science Technicians - General Discussion) is getting a lot of off-topic posts. Therefore please post in the correct forum. If it's something chemistry based...
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    Looking for PETG sheet

    Does anyone know where I could get some large sheets of 1mm Clear PETG Sheet? The type used for COVID face shields? I need as large as possible, at least 1.2m2 and of course as cheap as possible! Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Would you rather...? And other tripe

    I can see the net nanny filters loving the keywords in this thread! :omg:
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    Can we signpost to cpd courses?

    Yes sure, no problem at all.... unless you are making money from them!
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    @karen b We have three schools who volunteered to take part. They are a mixture of schools from across the UK and although we are using this to make sure everything works, when we launch it will be a soft launch, not a big national push so slowly we will see how effective it is and if there's...
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    Hi Everyone! Just a quick update and a request... The pilot for Technical Champions will begin next week in a few selected schools. We hope the applications will be turned around in time for us to smooth out any bumps and launch fully by the end of this year, if not early 2022. We have...
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    Newsletter error

    :oops2: We've noticed an error in our Survey Results article in the November newsletter - the first pie chart has been mislabelled. The text below the chart is correct however. Thank you to those who spotted the mistake - in eleven years of sending out newsletters we've had about 5 emails...
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    Site blocked

    Get them to email us if they still have a problem with giving access:
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    Site blocked

    Go above their heads - This is the biggest free online resource for science technicians!
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    Quick Science Technician Survey

    They can, and there's no way to change that but I did add a statement at the end asking to only fill in the form once.
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    Quick Science Technician Survey

    I think that's an issue your end. Try again later or log out of Google and try the link again.
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    Quick Science Technician Survey

    We would be grateful if you could complete this very quick technician survey for us to gauge the state of the technician landscape in Autumn 2021. Results will be featured in our November newsletter. This form closes on the 28th October 2021. Many thanks!
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    Is it rude to speak in another language when someone else present does not understand?

    I've locked this thread now. If the OP wants the whole thread deleted, PM me. Although the original post was a reasonable question, it's a subject that encourages the wrong kind of debate the longer it goes on.
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    Fire diamond ... printing?

    We have hundreds of print-ready types available in various formats on our main site: