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    Calcium Chloride

    I recently bought some cheepo CaCl2 from SSS and it said on the tub "Calcium Chloride 77.5%" . I asked the supplier what the other 22.5% was but they said it didn't refer to the purity but to "the assay of calcium in the chemical makeup" I am still none the wiser because that sounds as if it...
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    Air track

    Hello physics people We have been fortunate enough to acquire an air track for dynamics experiments. We have some physics teachers who, I'm sure, will look after it and get good use out of it but my concern is about storing it and I am not familiar with such nice equipment as we don't have a...
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    Techie cracker jokes

    Why can't Santa's helpers drive the sleigh? ..because of Elfin safety. How did the old fashioned fairy lights feel when they were replaced by LEDs? They were absolutely incandescent.
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    CLOSED - Salford job share new closing date 9th July

    Hi All The same Salford Job share as below but now they have now got the details right and have extended the deadline. See school website It's a very friendly science department. i really like it here and want to go to part time only...
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    CLOSED - Salford: job share up to 18 hours per week - closes 2nd July 2018

    Hi all I have asked to go down to part time. The other half of my job is advertised here There were some errors in the ad at the time of writing. I pointed them out but they have not been rectified so far. The hours should be quoted...
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    Morning all What union do you belong to and why would you recommend them? I've always been in Unison because they had the greatest presence in my previous schools. I'm wondering whether I might be better off in another one as my branch seems to be dominated by (and to be fair overwhelmed by the...