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    Technician Level 1 or 2?

    Ah yes. Plus everyone has experience of needing IT support so they realise the value of that technician
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    Technician Level 1 or 2?

    So, is he technically self employed?
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    The things teachers say...

    Does anyone else find "don't know what we'd do without you" really patronising? This ain't Downton Abbey, guys. We're colleagues, not servants
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    Risk assessments and COSHH

    I think reading (or rereading) CLEAPSS' L196 might help.
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    Vaccination debate

    oh yes, duh!
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    Vaccination debate

    On the original question, I do think teachers and school workers should move up the queue. They are not a huge group in national terms and include some over-60s (moi, e.g.) and 50-60s so would not involve pushing a huge number of people down the queue. It would facilitate a more confident and...
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    Vaccination debate

    Thank you BioBee It is understandable that people are fearful, the way our government have messed us about. However, I bet if the vaccines had been slow in coming, there would be people saying the drug companies were sitting on them to force the price up.
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    Oil....odd question

    do you have any fat stains like Sudan dyes hanging about?
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    Inset day inequality

    There is a simple rule for this: when the "staff" are giving something we are staff (and wonderful and indispensable etc) ; when the staff are getting something, the word changes its meaning to "teachers only"
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    Bunsen burner tubing

    Tee hee I looked up the link but then thought I would google to see if anyone else sells it too. I got the filter notce because, apparently there is some kind of "testosterone supplement" for the older gentleman with a very similar name!
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    Teachers helping themselves to equipment

    Now is the time to break them of that and other nasty habits
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    Cleaning and sanitising Glassware?

    This struck me as odd when we are not in the restaurant sector and it's not bacteria we're worried about
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    Calcium Chloride

    Thanks Mike It's supposed to be anhydrous, so I thought that perhaps it was just some hydrated in there. I'm not bovvered about purity as long as there's nothing alarming in it, in as much as the kids only use it for an example of exothermic heat of solution: semi quantitative at best. I just...
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    Calcium Chloride

    I recently bought some cheepo CaCl2 from SSS and it said on the tub "Calcium Chloride 77.5%" . I asked the supplier what the other 22.5% was but they said it didn't refer to the purity but to "the assay of calcium in the chemical makeup" I am still none the wiser because that sounds as if it...
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    Sadly you are both right. People feel they can't afford to be in a union and that the union would not represent them properly because, among the diverse jobs the unions cover, ours is very much a minority interest. Unfortunately, those who feel we can't afford not to be in a union are also...
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    messed up a book order... again

    HoD finds out about your mistakes: bet they make loads but you don't find out!
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    Air track

    Thank you all very much, especially for the tip about a solid surface. HoD is concerned about it being hidden away and not used. I am concerned it will be under my feet and still not used! Ah well!
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    RSCI Tech

    Thank you for that David I do hope people feel reassured but I know there are a lot of things that put people off. I did apply successfully but have to pay to maintain my own ASE membership and registration. Schools are valuing their support staff less and less and the CPD budget is tiny and...
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    Air track

    Hello physics people We have been fortunate enough to acquire an air track for dynamics experiments. We have some physics teachers who, I'm sure, will look after it and get good use out of it but my concern is about storing it and I am not familiar with such nice equipment as we don't have a...
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    Techie cracker jokes

    Why can't Santa's helpers drive the sleigh? ..because of Elfin safety. How did the old fashioned fairy lights feel when they were replaced by LEDs? They were absolutely incandescent.