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    Could you commit murder?? I could and do regularly :) .... Dont get scared, Actors wanted

    Hello you lovely sciencey peeps... Didnt mean to scare anyone with the title, but I am a murder mystery actress at the weekends with a company based in Nuneaton. We act at various venues and we have so much fun - we perform a "live cluedo" type event. We have different plots and each one has a...
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    cobalt chloride paper...

    Hi all, I dont have an oven, how is the best way for me to dry cobalt chloride paper to get is to its light blue colour? TIA :)
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    Just because you are a deputy head...

    Im having a little rant. I went to tell a teacher (deputy head) that please could she get the recks done by the deadline, and before I could say anything about respecting the fact that it was Eid and that she hadnt been in, I got blasted in front of pupils and got told that I need to be...
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    Catalyst for thermite rxn...

    Hi all. Have done many different thermite rxns with different catalysts and different results. Which one do you recommend/use? trying to find the best one :) thanks :)
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    new lease of life...Test tube racks (z frames)

    Hi all, I was wondering, if anyone has any good tips for bringing a new lease of life to the metal test tube racks (z frames). The ones I have are a bit crusty, but no budget to get new just yet. Other than crusty (some more than others), they are fine. Any tips? mucho gracias
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    making e.coli slants

    hello everyone - been a while since I've posted on here... so hi all. I want to make an e.coli slant, but have never done one before, and dont know what Im doing - can someone tell or guide me to a post that can help me? Thank you, you fabulous peoples :)
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    the Chase... tonight

    hello all... just letting you know that I am on the Chase tonight (Thursday may 9th) at 5pm on itv if anyone wants to watch... have a good day :)
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    Happy easter...

    Hello fellow peeps... hope you have / had a good easter break... see you all on the flip side :)
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    random / annoying request...

    i've just had a request from a science teacher who has just taught in maths room - 3 flights of stairs up. she has just asked me to lock the maths room as she forgot. NOTE: it was just coming to lunchtime and my hands were full with various bits of equipment for pracs occurring now... "errr...
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    more: does anyone know what this is?

    hello peeps. please can anyone tell me what this is. there is a bottle attached to the tubing which in turn connects to a long cylinder with some form of internal measurement. this part then connects to 3 taps which each individually connect to form of u tube. there are three different internal...
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    copper redox...

    Hi all. I have the copper redox kit which works great, but the teachers were looking at doing it as a class prac (next year) - has anyone got any ideas as to how this can be achieved easily and safely in the lab? thanks all :)
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    hi all. this is a really stupid question, but I have tried to look up uses for methanal (formaldehyde) but there isn't much on cleapss - can anyone tell me what it could be used for? thanks muchly :cool:
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    a good weekend...

    Hi all, have a good weekend :)
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    can anyone identify this?

    hello peeps, can anyone please identify this equipment - am having a shift around of equipment, but have no idea what idea it is (teachers here dont know either) Thanks in advance :)
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    silly question...

    hi all - i know this is a silly question, but what is the best way to dissolve copper carbonate in water? any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    hello from kings heath :)

    Hi all... i've just joined - I've seen the error of my ways, but better late than never.looking forward to using this site every day...