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  1. LAJ392

    Sheep head help!

    I have worked as a tech for a long time now - I can honestly say I have never bought a sheeps head on an impulse :D or had a thought to scoop out the eyeballs. :shocked: whats wrong with you :laughing::laughing:. Same goes to sawing the heads open! Luckily for us our local butchers supply them...
  2. LAJ392

    Frozen hearts!

    We never refreeze anything, purely for the smell issue
  3. LAJ392

    Help needed. Full proof agar cubes....

    How do you prepare in a microwave? I always use a pressure cooker but it takes ages so I'm looking for an easy way to bulk it up to say 1L. How long does it take in a microwave - does it not boil over everywhere?
  4. LAJ392

    Variable resistor

    ok thanks everyone, so on balance we'll stick with our old wire wound rheostats, thanks for your advice
  5. LAJ392

    Variable resistor

    Hi We are looking to get some (preferably lighter) variable resistors in, we have some archaic rheostats which dont work particularly well. I was looking at these Would these be suitable for general classwork? What would be the best size to get please? 470 ohms, 1K ohms, 5K ohms, 10K ohms...
  6. LAJ392

    embroidered lab coats

    We had black labcoats for quite a few years but then after time we felt like other staff saw us more like caretakers so we have reverted back to white labcoats. We have a new one every year.
  7. LAJ392

    Open evening...

    thank you :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  8. LAJ392

    Open evening...

    ooh Ill be giving this a try, please do you have a detailed recipe for this? I can't see it in cleapss recipe book?
  9. LAJ392

    flame test using spray bottles...

    Hi Peter Can I just check - you dissolve the salts into 10ml of ethanol and put just this 10ml into the sprayer?
  10. LAJ392

    Concentrated Hydrochloric acid, wet bottle.

    The plastic bottles which the acid is supplied in are not designed for long term storage. I'm sure that this was raised by CLEAPSS in recent years? we transfer our conc acid into a glass bottle on arrival into school.
  11. LAJ392

    Waterproof chemical labels

    Hi Peter, what are they like when they have been on the bottles for a long time? do they still peel off easily without leaving a residue? Also you just photocopy them? thanks
  12. LAJ392

    Airone fume cupboard

    Hi We are looking at having the Airone 1000X ducted fume cupboard fitted into our new lab - does anyone have any experience of this fume cupboard? I have gone through the cleapss guide and this model was listed as satisfactory so I am hoping it will be a good choice. thanks
  13. LAJ392

    gallium beating heart any tips

    Hi do you mind me asking where you purchased your Gallium from please?
  14. LAJ392

    producing oxygen to go into boiling tubes

    one of my favourite prep jobs to do!
  15. LAJ392

    tea bags for convection practical

    we bought the roll of paper years ago and havent made a dent in it yet. always works for us - cut a piece about 10cm long and fold it into a cuboid with a good overlap. Never fails :thumbsup: such fun!
  16. LAJ392

    how long have you worked as a technician?

    I am at 17 years now (in the same school) and wondered how long everyone else has worked as a technician?
  17. LAJ392

    So you're a Lab Technician...

    this is great however a better "what I actually do" would definitely involve washing up!
  18. LAJ392


    we are super lucky to have been able to invest in the gratnell callero trolleys, they are absolutely fantastic and in the same price bracket as some of the trolleys listed here.
  19. LAJ392

    removing bungs from flasks / tubes

    tbh we just chuck the lot, it doesnt seem worth the hassle and risk getting out a stuck in bung. Id definitely retrieve it and save the cost if there was an easy foolproof way that took seconds though