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  1. Blackadder

    Would you rather...? And other tripe

    Heres one maybe two! "would you rather the goverment or bodies like the ASE or maybe both together put together a rather intresting, good and worth while science school tecchncian course for newbies and raise the profile of science technicians.?" Ive been waiting with baited breath for over 30...
  2. Blackadder

    Claim time back for Open evenings & Morning

    Been doing open evenings for over 30 years. Yes i appriciate its hard work, tiring and that it can be a little daunting meeting children and their parents/carers but i find it helpful and rewarding. The science staff at both the schools ive wokrd at appriiacate it. Have it as TOIL time and take...
  3. Blackadder

    Cosmetic chemistry

    AH the good old days. Kit contained everything to make blusher, lipstick, foundation etc. I think but dont quote was from griffin and george. There were several. I remember the polish one as well.
  4. Blackadder

    Two days out!

    Easy answer to that. DOnt do the the first aid course
  5. Blackadder

    Anyone getting chilly yet?

    The most famous two words that were used when i was a small boy at school doing something that we didnt like. Those two words" Charcter building"
  6. Blackadder

    Loblogger too easy to book equipment

    Good old fashioned pen and printed req sheets cant be beaten.
  7. Blackadder

    Cosmetic chemistry

    Oh for the CSE mode 3 Cosmetic kit from the late 90s.
  8. Blackadder

    Describing what you do as a tech on your CV

    Is there still a chemical industry? Most of these closed down in the midlands in the 90s!
  9. Blackadder

    Only one applicant!

    We have taken on an appretice in September. Theyre keen, resourful and starting to love the job. Theyre were supposed to start the college bit in September but now the school has been told that the course has been cancelled! Theyre were distraut when we broke the news. The nearest one is...
  10. Blackadder

    I retire next week

    I totally agree with the first couple of comments made by fellow technicians. After being nearly 31 years in the job i've listened to all the promises, contributions and facts given by all commissions, governments, agencies etc. about improving and promoting technician roles. Its...
  11. Blackadder

    Science Techs. as department First Aiders

    When i first started being science technician (over 30 years ago) i went on the CLEAPSS Health & Safety course. They advised the group then the only two courses they you should not do/go on unless your were well remunerated and you wanted to do it was PAT testing and first aid. Have been on...
  12. Blackadder


    Now were talking! VErsatile Laboratory AId (VELA) I went on an LEA course on how to use one of these and its applications in the classroom. Still got the worksheets but sadly not the machine. You could use it as a timing device, simple calculations, connect it to a CRO Built to last as well.
  13. Blackadder

    mystery object !

    AAHH the good old days when things were made to last and not a care about health and safety.
  14. Blackadder

    covid-proof lungs / breathing practical ?

    Unless the lungs have been cut.
  15. Blackadder

    ??? LFT Operators Now Eligible For Vaccines ???

    Again spoke to my friend in America, "Citizen Trump" about this. His reply was buy a canoe and paddle or a coracle and paddle, as your either up **** creek or going round and around and better to stay dry.
  16. Blackadder

    Why schools need more science technicians

    I'm afraid i have to agree with Kaz (above ) on this one! Every few years there's something like this that comes out. Think the first one i read was in the TES in 1990! I look forward to the next report in 3/4 years time.
  17. Blackadder

    Vaccination debate

    Reading all of the above just brings back the author Douglas Adams (RIP) and the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. It went something like this or along the lines- "some people thought it was a bad idea about humans coming down from the trees. Some even suggested we shouldn't have crawled out the...
  18. Blackadder

    LFT positives

    Again very interesting. Chatting to some people high up in my local health service provider these tests are a waste of money! They're only 70% reliable and that's when done by a health professional! A good reliable track and trace (what they have in New Zealand) is the best approach. There...
  19. Blackadder

    Static fume cupboard or mobile fume cupboard.

    STATIC ONE. Mobile fume cupboards are crap. Static ones cost more to put in but need less servicing and last about 40 years! Mobile ones cost more to service and last about 20 years. We have two.One of them we use and one is a lovely lab ornament.