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    iPad Requisition Sheets/Systems

    Thats tough.... we have 5 teachers and 2 trainess, and 12 ipads. one teacher ALWAYS books them in before anyone else, and he has had comments from everyone regarding this. so I totally feel your pain. you may be able to split them up into 2 sets of 15 if that is at all possible, and you can try...
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    Mental Health Matters

    we break up next week - have a good summer all
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    I retire next week

    Enjoy your time for you Carol - will miss another great tech on here :) Good luck
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    Anyone know who sells these bottles? sorry i forgot to do it in my first message... there is a range when you get to the page and then you can get the size you want. i typed bottle into the search tab on sls website :) happy bottle shopping :)
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    Anyone know who sells these bottles?

    i just got some from sls
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    ..thanks for all the fish..

    best wishes :)
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    Practical notice period

    mine is 2pm thursday for the following week - im also a lone tech with 6 teachers and 5 labs. last min pracs are only done if I have time and its easy to get together. else its a no and the teachers have learnt no is no
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    Science lab taps ... water fountain

    or have the other fall back line "but my group are so good, they wouldnt do this!"
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    Are techs sometimes too hard on themselves?

    yeah we can be hard on ourselves sometimes, but we are all human and often forget stuff. I do what I can and let the teachers know, but then anything after that is on them. dont be hard on yourself and remember we are all in the same boat - you are not alone. have a good day :)
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    Can a tech step in to stop a practical?

    I have teachers here who havent done certain pracs, and I trial them after school so the teachers know what they are doing. One teacher missed the trial as she was unwell, so I firmly said no prac as trial wasnt done. it hasnt always been like this here, but after a few things like CuO in sinks...
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    Does anyone use Labster?

    lol. i've just watched it too, and I also thought the same thing :laughing: :laughing:
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    Van de Graaff

    same... works really well
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    Making rates of reaction micro kits

    where is it on CLEAPSS? it sounds interesting. i have made other microscale items for the electrolysis, and I used a soldeiring iron to burn the hole into the plastic. i have also used a hot nail to get the desired size of hole.
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    Piddle tests

    i used yellow food colouring or tea bags. I once told the group ready to do the prac, that they had better use it as I spent ages making it:laughing: :p:p the look on their faces was priceless and they were genuinely horrified. like the thought of adding ammonia for the smell...
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    Essential equipment failure !!!!!!!!!

    Happy Friday indeedy.... love the hack :)
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    Healthy Eating

    I was genuinely shocked when I saw the side effects - its not very well known, as most people rave about clo (as did I when I started taking them). Hope your partner can get the blisters, eczema and knees sorted. try removing the clo and see what happens. good luck with it - keep us updated :)
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    Healthy Eating

    yeah thats what I thought when I saw the research... just be doing what works for you... :)
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    Healthy Eating

    just seen this post and thought id let you all in on something that happened to me taking cod liver oil tabs about two years ago. So as we know, clo is supposed to be helpful for your joints, which is why i started taking it in the first place. One tab a day (as opposed to the recommended two)...
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    Staff leaving labs

    a jar of elbow grease...
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    Technician survival kit/leaving present ideas

    . a pencil case with pens, sharpies, pencil, sharpener, rubber, scissors. . multitools are a great idea - i have a wallet ninja in my phone case and it does a whole load of stuff - opening boxes or using as a screwdriver or other. . i like the idea of personalised lab coat and specs... . coffee...