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    Hanna pH meter storage ideas

    We use the Hanna storage caps Rock Chick linked to on our bench top meters. For the little red hand held ones I found some conical tipped graduated test tubes. They have a rim that fits well to the neck of the probe and stand in a Test tube rack. The conical means i use less solution to keep...
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    Ionic & Covalent conduction

    I think the only common covalent bonded substances that conduct are graphite and silicon. Melting to conduct would be ionic bonding usually, but you can find a salt that melts at a lower temperature than NaCl, that is high temperature work! Glass is an insulator cold but can conduct when hot.
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    We have a lancer glass washer - it seems bomb proof but the price! I usually do everything by hand (small dept) but put micro stuff through it as it washes at 90deg with stronger stuff than me. I have also heard Miele are the ones to go for if you have the cash.
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    Haematology practicals

    We have one - cant copy it over but use 540nm, dilute the blood 1:100 with 1% ammonium chloride. we setup 10 5ml dilutions from this (1 is 0.5 ml blood dil:4.5ml 1%Ammoniumchloride, 10 is just dilute blood) this gives the curve. we use defib horse blood and assume Hb is 12.2g/l. Then taking 20ul...
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    Calibrate salter balance

    If only it were that simple - I have the manuals and the other 5 calibrated beautifully. This one needs 200g or fails at testing when you turn it on. I n both cases I suspect someone overloaded the balance by a large amount somewhere in the past. If there is a slater manual you should be able to...
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    Calibrate salter balance

    Interesting question - I have a balance doing something similar - an ohaus traveller that is needs 200g on it to get to zero! wont even pass startup without it. I have kept it as a curiosity and in the vague hope I may come up with a solutions someday.
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    What is that smell?

    You help provide education and I think the admin team have definitely been educated with this one!
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    Will expired nutrient agar still work?

    Helps if the antibiotic disks and enzyme have been kept in the fridge
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    The fragility of society

    So...that was a yes then? People trying to get in to petrol stations have blocked several major roads down here in SE London, including most I have to use. I have seen the tankers stuck in the traffic in view of the forecourt unable to do anything because of it. Its madness - how does making...
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    Key keys keys..... bane of my life.

    I have a tray full of keys - all helpfully with number tags on - of course I have two sets of lists of key numbers, which do not line up any where. I have found the few that are useful (a grand total of 4 from the mess) and keep them safe. Just keep lab, chem stores and sharps keys on me.
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    Will expired nutrient agar still work?

    I have been using NA that is further OOD than that and it seems to work. as for old chemicals, we have a bottle of iron oxide in a deposit bottle with a return value of 4d ! How old - who knows?
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    Only one applicant!

    It's not just school technicians. I was previously employed in veterinary diagnostics (blood testing), at the london lab and i was earning 10 - 11 per hour. We were not allowed london weighting as we were already several thousand more per year than equivalents at their main lab in devon. I...
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    Help needed - funny puns!

    I would tell a chemistry joke but the best ones argon
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    Help needed - funny puns!

    in our busier lab our skely has a lab coat - might give it googles so fully PPE equiped!
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    Faulty Bunsen Burner

    I would also check the chimney, they can unscrew and if its loose gas can escape at the bottom (pupils managed it at a previous school!). It is very hard to see it burn as its a small flame, but it would get hot quickly.
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    Oedering from SSS

    Ive had a slow delivery, and a couple of items were wrong, but they sent the correct items very quickly, I gained a big bag of swabs and 100g potassium oxalate for nothing so not going to complain to much.
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    Measuring pondweed with a gas syringe?

    Probably a vacuum line. The labs here had one until 2 labs were given to art. The line was cut when the gas line was removed. Still have the surprisingly new vacuum pump.
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    Precisa 2200 balance not settling

    Nice to hear it was a simple fix - I have one that is stuck defaulting to pounds and ounces! and yes I have changed the default as per the manual but it doesn't stick, but I can switch to its alternate grams setting (at least it an keep 2 units in memory or i would be in trouble), but wont send...
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    Smoothing PVC pipe

    I had a look online and apparently acetone can be used to smooth pvc. I would have a pass with sandpaper then a acetone wash to finish.
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    Mark, capture, release

    Would acrylic paint spots work? It dries quickly and once dried is not affected by water. (I agree you must release Mark after capture - it would be cruel otherwise!)