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  1. LAJ392

    Variable resistor

    Hi We are looking to get some (preferably lighter) variable resistors in, we have some archaic rheostats which dont work particularly well. I was looking at these Would these be suitable for general classwork? What would be the best size to get please? 470 ohms, 1K ohms, 5K ohms, 10K ohms...
  2. LAJ392

    Airone fume cupboard

    Hi We are looking at having the Airone 1000X ducted fume cupboard fitted into our new lab - does anyone have any experience of this fume cupboard? I have gone through the cleapss guide and this model was listed as satisfactory so I am hoping it will be a good choice. thanks
  3. LAJ392

    how long have you worked as a technician?

    I am at 17 years now (in the same school) and wondered how long everyone else has worked as a technician?
  4. LAJ392

    recommendations for motor kits

    Hi Does anyone have a recommendation for motor kits which work well? we have some ancient westminster motor kits which the teachers say are no good - I don't know if this is because we need to replace certain parts? I have been asked to source "some decent motor kits" so my question is - do you...
  5. LAJ392

    Separating ink and water by distillation

    Hi Separating ink and water - How do you do this practical with KS3? When I first started here many moons ago this practical was done with a 100ml conical flask (on a tripod) and a double right angle delivery tube into a beaker. That's what everyone asked for and what we gave out. We stopped...
  6. LAJ392


    Hi My HoD has agreed for us to start using lablogger, I wondered if I could pick your brains and apologies if these questions have already been asked before - I have searched previous posts but couldnt find what I am looking for. How do techs work with the system - we currently have a google...
  7. LAJ392

    Gratnells Sorted tray inserts

    Has anyone used these? they look quite good but are they worth the expense? thanks
  8. LAJ392


    Hi Everyone Can someone please advise, physics is not my speciality! We have teachers wanting to do a diode practical, we have some benchmark diodes - 6 of the them work as in they show the voltage when inserted into the circuit in the correct direction. we have 4 of the 10 now not showing a...
  9. LAJ392


    Hi Do you use sheep bodyparts or pigs for dissection? thanks
  10. LAJ392

    Testing for halide ions

    Hi We don't have any distilled water at the moment but a teacher has requested potassium bromide, potassium chloride and potassium iodide solutions with silver nitrate. Also Barium chloride and sodium sulfate. We have silver nitrate solution already made up in distilled water. If I make up...
  11. LAJ392

    Calcium Carbide

    Hi Does anyone else have calcium carbide? we had a pot of granules which came into school in 2013 for the flammable ice demo but had never been used. I took it out yesterday to use it for the first time and when I opened the pot I was surprised to see that the pot was completely full to the...
  12. LAJ392


    Hi Everyone Lots of our clamps have lost the rubber/cork cover on the jaws. Do you all use 'naked' clamps or repair them? I have seen a tip on CLEAPSS with details of how to repair them and wondered if this is something we should be doing! thanks in advance
  13. LAJ392

    corroded and stained belfast sink

    Hi Can anyone advise of a sucessful way to whiten up/clear general stains and remove rusty pits off the old belfast sink which we have in our prep room? Its not horrifically stained its just more to get it back to the original whiteness and remove the rusty pits from iron filings. currently...
  14. LAJ392

    Distilled water/deionised/reverse osmosis unit

    This old thread again... Does anyone have a RO unit that they can recommend? Our old still has packed up so we are looking into getting a replacement but I need advice. We have hard water - can anyone with hard water give me advice on how long roughly the cartridges in the deionisers last...
  15. LAJ392

    Extractor fan in chemical store

    Hi I have been looking at DLH7 - Risk assessment for chemical storage' from CLEAPSS. The risk assessment states 'conditions in the chemical store- clean vents and check the rate of air extraction regularly (at least once per year and possibly more frequently) In the whole time I have been here...
  16. LAJ392

    Student Safety Sheets

    Hi I wondered if any of you use the CLEAPSS student safety sheets? Do you give them out with practicals? thanks in advance