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    ***Sleeve Rolling Championship*** Season 2: The Never-Ending Sleeve.

    seen at the Head of the Zombie Army was Ch.........
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    How's your week?

    Anything happen to the kid afterwards?
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    Power pack repairs

    Scientific & Chemical I can't get on their website at present - can anyone else?
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    How's your week?

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    How long is too long

    35 years as a full time tech, will be 41 years when I retire at 66
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    Open Evening/bubbles/rant

    Unbelievable! :eek: :mad:
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    Rusty iron blocks

    Edu-Lab, SLS Education and Philip Harris do sets of 5 per material, that's the nearest I can find
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    Gas Guards

    Apparently the lab gas valve had been turned off! All sorted now.
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    Classroom use.

    Then if anything happens you can truthfully say that the teachers were told but ignored the advice, then management will have to 'carry the can'.
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    Classroom use.

    That's 'fine' (not fine) until there's a reportable incident, then management i.e. will be asked to explain how the incident was allowed to occur - if (God forbid) someone has life-changing injuries or dies then the Head will be 'in the dock' for it. H&S always trumps inconvenience in my book.
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    Classroom use.

    Labs really should not be used as form rooms as you don't know what the kids get up to even with a teacher there and definitely no eating or drinking at all by anyone - not even Science Teachers. :safety: :cleapssadvice: Look at; PS21 HEALTH and SAFETY in the SCHOOL LABORATORY PS082 - Using...
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    Rusty iron blocks

    Give them a rub down with steel wool (wear gloves and a facemask)
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    The price of rushing...

    Somewhat surprised that this practical is still being done. Whereabouts in the UK are you? In Scotland it's banned completely (Wales too?) but not England or Northern Ireland where it is supposed to be done in a fume cupboard. We no longer do it as only one lab has a fume cupboard with...
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    Colour Light Mixing Kit from Tinker Crate

    Thanks for that! I've forgotten more about electronics than I currently remember, it's been about 20 years since I had to build from scratch. :thumbsup:
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    Colour Light Mixing Kit from Tinker Crate

    The instructions aren't totally clear and in the correct colours, the 'blue' resistor appears to be banded 'purple-orange-black-black-brown' (73 ohm), the other two 'brown-green-black-gold' (15 ohm). Trouble is the kit is no longer available.
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    Colour Light Mixing Kit from Tinker Crate

    Morning all, Anyone got / had one of these? I need to know what the resistors are, the batteries and the voltage of the RGB LED is...
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    ***Sleeve Rolling Championship*** Season 2: The Never-Ending Sleeve.

    Who looks like butter wouldn't melt (on his paws) ever
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    Hello all :)

    Hello and welcome to the 'dark side'. ;)
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    Clifton boiling water baths

    Possibly - can you PM details please?