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    Human skeleton

    We have a human skeleton that has been in the school since the 1950's, obviously when human skeletons could be rolled out into biology lessons. His name is Bob, he lives in a cupboard, and although he's missing quite a few teeth and one leg, he's been a listening ear over the years when we have...
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    Four years ago the student toilets in the science dept were refurbished and made unisex. It meant the the old girls toilets were empty, but quickly the IT dept took it over as a storeroom. And it's remained like that since. There are no staff toilets in the science dept. We are in the upper...
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    Equipment stored in classrooms.

    We have had 5 labs refurnished and they have a lot of floor cupboards under each bench. There are two more labs to refurbish, and if i'm lucky, they may do the prep room (I'm not pinning my hopes on it though, I have been requesting a new sink for 12 years!!) We have another room that is used...