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    Removing Stearic Acid from Boiling tubes

    Having seen the useful tips on how to remove wax, does any one have a good way of removing the last bits of stearic acid from a boiling tube, it is so insoluble even hot water and detergent does not work.
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    Wooden Burrette stands

    We are moving to a new science block in April, and my HOD wants rid of our wooden burette stands, we have 57. So if any one would like to take them off my hands they are welcome. You will need a large vehicle as they are not boxed up. We our based in SE6 4TY. Otherwise they our going in the dustbin.
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    Column Chromatography

    Hi All, Advice needed. My head of department is introducing a new demo to us. She wants to demo column chromatography, so has any one done this in a school before and if so could you supply details. She has given me 2 weeks notice, and I will need to source a small column and then find out what...
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    Well just had a year 7 and 8 Forder club, lunch time thing, run by two teachers and they have blocked up a sink with corn starch and a class going in there now, so will have to find the time to do some plumbing, Oh ! and my head of chemistry on my back to when I will number up and label 131 new...
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    Moving science labs and chemistry prep Room.

    I was wondering has anyone on this forum been involved in moving from an old building to a new and how was the move handled by your school. What turned out to be the major issues.
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    new member catford

    just wanted to say hi, been in this job 10 years now. My first and only school technician job.