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  1. Ltech

    new fixed fume cupboard cost

    Could anyone give a rough idea of how much a new ducted fixed fume cupboard would cost? Obviously I know companies give individual quotes but a starting figure would be really helpful right now. or is it cheaper to move/dismantle an existing one to a different floor? any help would be greatly...
  2. Ltech

    new chemical store ventilation

    Hi people, I wish to pick your brains... :) can anyone recommend a ventilation system/extractor fan setup for a new internal chemical store? I have been hunting online but cant find anything conclusive... Thank you in advance :D
  3. Ltech

    how many practicals a day? just wondering :)

    Just wondering... out of interest how many practical's/orders do you have a day? roughly... :) which exam board are you with?
  4. Ltech

    pressure vessel servicing

    Can anyone recommend a company to carry out an autoclave service? We are in Essex.