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    Extension springs, different spring constants

    Hi, Can anyone help me to source two springs with different spring constants? Edexcel GCSE has a core prac (maybe others do, not sure) that's investigating Hooke's Law but you're supposed to compare two different springs. I originally bought a stock of two that are available from Philip Harris...
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    Yield and atom economy experiments

    Has anybody any suggestions of straightforward practicals to collect data for yield and atom economy? We have this on the GCSE spec: Although not strictly acid alkali, I've got one teacher who always makes copper sulfate from copper carbonate and copper oxide and then does a comparison of the...
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    Changes to GCSE for 2016

    Hi, Has anybody started looking at the changes that are coming with the new GCSE specs from September 2016? I've been passed the AQA draft so far (others to follow when the HoD's looked at them/been to the meetings), specifically, the bit about Required Practical Activities. They list the...