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    Concentrated Hydrochloric acid, wet bottle.

    I think that the plastic bottles have to have a vented cap to allow gas to escape under high temperatures.
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    universal indicator

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    Fermentation jar

    Would a glass demi-john used in winemaking do it?
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    Any cracking deals on eye protection?

    These are good. Safety Spectacles (
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    Btec.....pig semen

    Give them tadpoles and say they are from a sample obtained from a Giant Hebridean Pig! Pigus Massiveus.
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    New waterbaths

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    Background Music

    Ahhhh. I note the was!
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    Background Music

    Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd or Pink Floyd!
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    Universal indicator
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    Team name needed

    Betty Swallocks
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    eBay buys?

    Cheaper here Peter!
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    Flammable Liquid Cupboard
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    September return, what are the rules?

    That's the one I was looking at
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    September return, what are the rules?

    That makes sense. To my understanding, being a biologist, and as the inside walls are highly polished, will this not bounce the rays all around the inside of the cabinet reaching all sides of the glasses? Just trying to understand!
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    September return, what are the rules?

    Confusing as I have just found this report on the Web. Based on the available scientific evidence that UV light can destroy various viruses, it's probably true that UV light can kill SARS-CoV-2. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine reported that ultraviolet light...
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    non-alcohol sanitizer?

    I agree. But I have found the same thing cheaper!
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    Try these for fluid and alternative:
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    Schools closed in Wales & Scotland

    Bozzer The Clown indeed. Could be worse though, could have been Corbyn The Confused!
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    Looking to purchase a Water Still
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    Better Equipped Alternatives

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