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  1. IfieldCC

    phosphorus pentachloride

    Does anybody still use this and if so which exam board are you with? Thanks
  2. IfieldCC

    Hyacinth bulbs

    I had some hyacinths growing in bulb forcing vases and forgot all about them until alerted by the smell. If I just leave them to dry back will they be any good for next year if I refrigerate them? Thanks
  3. IfieldCC

    Sugar snake using love hearts.

    Apologies as I know this has been discussed before but I can't find the thread. Has anybody got any good tips or tricks for this demo please as I am getting rather lacklustre results. Thanks
  4. IfieldCC

    Quick Fit

    We have a load of quick fit attachments that we are never going to use with various neck sizes. Pictures attached If anyone thinks they can use it please give me a shout. Located in West Sussex near Gatwick. Free collection or for you to arrange courier.
  5. IfieldCC

    schoolpreproom v lablogger

    I know we have a lot of lablogger users on here but has anyone looked at the new booking system site schoolpreproom or more importantly actually using it and have an opinion?
  6. IfieldCC

    UVC Light

    Timstar no longer sell a UVC light and I dont fancy paying nearly £100 from one of the other suppliers so does anyone know if the following, (or similar) would work on the TLC plates in the aspirin practical...
  7. IfieldCC

    Bacillus Megaterium

    Morning. We seem to be struggling to get any growth on our plates when using this culture so stupid question time......... Our bacteria fridge was broken for a while but went unnoticed, could this kill our original stock culture? If not then I'm not sure where the hiccup is ..... maybe past...
  8. IfieldCC

    Alga stock culture

    Morning Those of you that keep alga culture on the go all the time have you had any problems with it all clumping and becoming solid rather than staying a liquid? I had a really nice supply on the go but one batch has gone odd. I've tried to pestle/mortar it down (probably a bit harsh) and...