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  1. Prince Brainier

    Curious how nursery rhymes are sometimes true.

    Over the summer we set off for a day at the beach. Packed the windbreak, picnic, towels, swimmers etc. and fearing no internet we dragged out the old transistor cassette radio. Nice easy journey to the south coast. parked, unloaded, claimed our bit of beach and settled down to enjoy Radio 2...
  2. Prince Brainier

    Sod's Law, everyones favourite Physics Law

    Tidyness and putting things back seems to be the solution. Honestly, I've never tried it. I visited a friend who has a garden workshop. All neat and tidy, swept, and everything in its place. For a small shed with a mill, lathe and bandsaw in it was remarkable. I asked him the secret and he...
  3. Prince Brainier

    Sod's Law, everyones favourite Physics Law

    And, of course, the ones at home will also be absent.
  4. Prince Brainier

    Going into industry to avoid being 'pigeon holed'?

    Accept school work and love it! Please feel free to add or amend as the thoughts come to you. Good bits Not so good bits Never work more than 7 weeks without (at least a...
  5. Prince Brainier


    LL said that preproom .org might charge them as its advertising?????? They also say that an alert was on the FB tech site for 2 days. Did anyone see it?
  6. Prince Brainier


    Emailed lablogger and suggested they join this site and the facebook tech site so they can alert us when there are problems. (like the last 2 days). Let you know if I get a reply.
  7. Prince Brainier

    S.E.P. joule/energy meters are failing. Any ideas

    Thanks Tech Q. Found the little blighter. It was surface mount, being dead modern, so looked like a fat sm diode. It had indeed overheated but needs the unit pulled apart to get to the *@$£& thing. Looking to add a thermal fuse as in your illustration if I can find the right places on the...
  8. Prince Brainier

    S.E.P. joule/energy meters are failing. Any ideas

    SEP joule/energy meters are failing at our school. They pass current for a few seconds to a minute and then drop to a very low current (mAs). Left for a few minutes it will repeat the fault. The spares list shows that a 7A fuse is available. I suspect its a semiconductor/PTC type of fuse...
  9. Prince Brainier

    Hello, thank you and... goodbye?

    A wise teacher said to me once "A career is what you have while trying to earn enough to live." Another one of his was "Shout quietly!!" And my very favourite "STOP THAT! If you don't I'll do something. I don't know what it is but I do know you won't like it!" The unspecified threat seemed...
  10. Prince Brainier

    Mental Health Matters

    Each year the teachers miss the same things. Class lists for book issues for instance. Asking for binders and dividers without specifying what sort of class. Timetable not available. Inevitably less than the recommended notice for pracs. Asking kids to write their name and book number on a...
  11. Prince Brainier

    Mental Health Matters

    @BioBee Glad you got a new job. Hope you're treated better than the last place.
  12. Prince Brainier

    Cloud Chamber with peltier coolers.

    We are lucky enough to have a Lacelles one that works very well. But I just love the way you techs are using bits and bobs to make your own. You're my kind of people. Identify the problem and look in the junk box for something that will do. This is the sort of adaptable mindset that may have...
  13. Prince Brainier

    Ballistics practical

    I have seen a wax candle put through a barn door with a shotgun on "How?" and a tissue ball put through a shed door with breech loader pistol. In Wesley's "air guns and air pistols" he tells tales of using an air cane. A pneumatic weapon that might be mistaken for a walking stick. In one...
  14. Prince Brainier

    Ballistics practical

    Anybody else heard of the ice bullet? Super cooled ice slug that melts once inside the victim leaving no ballistic evidence other than a feint whiff of gin and tonic?????
  15. Prince Brainier

    Satz power packs varying current problem

    I suspect there's a thermal overload in there that heats when too much current passes and goes open circuit, cools and resets? If it was a semiconductor fuse it would stay high resistance until the load was removed.
  16. Prince Brainier

    Pressure gauge calibration

    I suspect with the grossly inaccurate ones they've been over pressured and skipped teeth on the gear rack. Sometimes the needle is just a push fit on the shaft and can be persuaded off and replaced at the correct reading. Hopefully the sensitivity and zero will not have moved.
  17. Prince Brainier

    Variable resistor not moving

    Looks upside down, with the feet at the top? Is it?
  18. Prince Brainier

    Motor winch kits???

    Anyone found a source for geared motor winches. Ours have stripped the cheap plastic gears and become slightly more useless than they were.
  19. Prince Brainier

    Decency in Government.

    Do read "sex money power" or something like that by Sarah Pascoe. Its all there. Why we do things. Why she did things despite understanding what's going on. Its all breeding urges driven by genes, or even bacteria! A very interesting and amusing read.
  20. Prince Brainier

    Decency in Government.

    I play a game on Alexander's interviews. I count the "Um"s, "er"s, stock phrases and cod latin words. Then divide by the actual number of items of information. As you may know dividing by zero often gives big numbers and that may skew the average. Even when he's prepared a press brief he...