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  1. Old Dog

    I hate to say Algal Balls again but......

    Finally got Algal Balls that work - yippee! Great culture advice from Peter S however I have one observation that I'd like to share. Set up Scenedesmus for bulk culture but failed after a week. Then saw thread suggesting using Spirulina powder, failed. Tried Chlorella powder, failed. Tried...
  2. Old Dog

    Job Vacancy in Bath

    Is there a specific group/part of the website where you can post job vacancies? We're just about to lose our Chemistry Tech of 18 years and we'd like to advertise to forum members if that's allowed.
  3. Old Dog

    Goggles - do you need them for every practical?

    Goggle washing is time consuming and so I've been wondering if we can stop them being used for certain practicals. I'm a Biologist so only interested in Biology ones, Chemistry is a whole different ball game. I don't think they are required for practicals unless a chemical being used warrants a...