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  1. Ollie Smith


    Hello all, thought I would get ahead of the game with Christmas round the corner! Has anyone got any Christmas themed activities / practical's that could be done towards the end of term ? Thanks
  2. Ollie Smith

    Job role

    Hello everyone, I’ve been a science technician for 4 years now and I’m in the process of reviewing my Job description, which entails listing all tasks I do within my role... Can you help with an extensive list of things as techs we do.
  3. Ollie Smith

    New Techy induction

    Hello all, We have a new technician starting in a few weeks. Just wondering what people do when you get new members of staff joining the team, what preproom induction do you give? (HR will give formal School induction) We don't want to throw them into the deep end and scare them off :D...
  4. Ollie Smith

    Work Experience student

    Hello, looking for some ideas please! We have a year 11 student coming into the Preproom with us as the end of the year (the quieter time) has anyone got any ideas / activities they could get up to during the week Thanks in advance
  5. Ollie Smith


    Hello there, We are trying to set up a respirometer but having no luck getting it working we have followed the CLEAPSS video guide and can't see where we are going wrong D: Can anyone suggest and tips or ticks that might get it going , Thanks