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    CLOSED - Science Technician Vacancy - closes Friday 7th April 2017

    Hi! All, Please could you post this, we need someone as soon as possible we are a great team to work with. Set in the beautiful Buckingham countryside, Regards Sandra Senior-School Science Technician For immediate start Salary range £15,000 - £16,000 depending on experience...
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    Power supply testing

    If you do manage to break it, can I have the voltage dial? One of my power packs is missing it's dial have looked everywhere but it has gone.
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    Hydrogen Balloons?

    I was shown using zinc granules and 2M Hydrochloric acid the balloons are just bigger than a fist but bang loud enough for them to get the idea. The granules and HCl are put in a conical flask and the balloon stretched over the opening to collect the gas.
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    Zinc foil

    Please! does anyone know where I can source zinc foil that can be wrapped round iron nails? The zinc sheet metal we have is hard to cut and wind.
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    Burning Magnesium

    When burning magnesium I cut a small slit in a wooden splint and insert a 1cm piece of magnesium ribbon. This means all the piece is burned and no fingers burned trying to pick up the little bit from the tongs.