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  1. IfieldCC

    Wet specimens

    My top tip would be don't do it. We had loads of incorrectly sealed specimens here when I started, random bits of roadkill and other items that a previous teacher thought were wonderful. I don't want to breath in the fumes of these no matter how minimal, and I'm sure the students of whichever...
  2. IfieldCC

    My job was advertised yesterday

    Out of curiosity how do you divide the workload?
  3. IfieldCC

    phosphorus pentachloride

    Thank you
  4. IfieldCC

    phosphorus pentachloride

    Does anybody still use this and if so which exam board are you with? Thanks
  5. IfieldCC

    Hyacinth bulbs

  6. IfieldCC

    Hyacinth bulbs

    I had some hyacinths growing in bulb forcing vases and forgot all about them until alerted by the smell. If I just leave them to dry back will they be any good for next year if I refrigerate them? Thanks
  7. IfieldCC

    Sugar snake using love hearts.

    Apologies as I know this has been discussed before but I can't find the thread. Has anybody got any good tips or tricks for this demo please as I am getting rather lacklustre results. Thanks
  8. IfieldCC

    labels and sticky residue on bottles

    I found on the plastic type of bottle/powder pot that white spirit etc ruins the plastic but giving it a good rub with some vegetable oil worked.
  9. IfieldCC

    reducing the cost of solvent waste and chemical waste

    This is what I've been doing since Sept with the fume cupboard getting very little use for anything else. I'm currently working my way through 2.5ltrs of cyclohexanone. I have found with disposal it's the carriage that costs the money and when I had a crazy amount to get rid of I managed to...
  10. IfieldCC

    Prep room temp

    18 but feels colder! Have to keep popping out for a wander to warm up.
  11. IfieldCC

    Does anyone, use Cobalt blue glass, for viewing Mg burning/flame tests ?

    Welding filters for thermite and magnesium. We have blue glass for flame testing but it's rarely asked for.
  12. IfieldCC

    Using baby powder in a lab

    They are only meant to use a small amount to sprinkle over the beam so it shouldn't cause that much of a problem.
  13. IfieldCC

    Surplus Glassware

    I've tried getting rid of bits on here, ebay and facebook marketplace but never had any luck. Did end up donating a fair bit to the art department for drawing though.
  14. IfieldCC

    Exam invigilation

    If it stops them bringing in external staff then maybe it's a good thing. It makes sense for the school to limit contact with outsiders. Right now a lot of staff are being laid off, hours reduced etc and if there was ever a time to 'play ball' I think this is it. All be it a tad extreme the...
  15. IfieldCC

    Exam invigilation

    How busy are you with practical requests or have your school stopped doing them? What I mean is can you justify saying 'no' without looking like an unhelpful eejit.
  16. IfieldCC

    Background Music

    Absolute classic rock here. Used to be smooth radio but fancied a change.
  17. IfieldCC

    Universal indicator

    I've checked our scichem stock and that goes green
  18. IfieldCC

    SDS Sheets.....electronic filing.

    Can you make a new file in the science area of your computer and download them all to there so that all staff have access?
  19. IfieldCC

    Greasing Quickfit

    One of mine insists on Vaseline for the joints to get a better seal. I'm not paid enough to fight him over it.
  20. IfieldCC

    New staff book....

    My friend had one of these at school but I called him skunk …..... maybe with hindsight badger would of been nicer :oops: