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    Staff leaving labs

    I've had a fair few students sent for those!
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    Growing Garlic Roots in Water

    Hi Emily, I'm sure I read somewhere that organic garlic isn't irratiated :)
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    0.5 mole of mercury, worth keeping?

    We have a small container of mercury, also kept in the toxics cupboard, which comes out for a viewing every now and then. We also have a tray of jars containing a mole of various elements and compounds. And a jar containing a preserved mole...! No idea where it came from as it's been here longer...
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    Food colouring chromatography

    What do you use to dissolve them, then what do you use as the solvent to run it?
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    Power pack trolleys

    We have trolleys like this, not for power packs but one for storing/moving microscopes and 2 more for generally moving equipment to classrooms. Have found them to be very sturdy and easy to manouver, I'm sure they handle power packs without a problem. Several places supply them so shop around...
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    Chemical waste.. who gets yours?

    We used Chemgo last year too, very good service and the cheapest quote. Also didn't have a problem with some 'unknowns', or with the odd bottle of something we came across that wasn't on the list for the quote ;)
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    How many wear labcoats

    Snap! Some mornings it is 11 C (16 C is the legal min) in the prep room when I get in, so I keep my coat on until it warms up a bit. Problem is due to the boilers not working properly, but the whole school is having the heating revamped. As the boilers supplying the science dept are a problem...
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    Limewater - Make it or Buy it?

    It only takes 5g of calcium hydroxide to make 2.5l, I've always made my own with no problems!
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    Dry Ice

    Our recent delivery (from Ice Supply) came with an advice sheet, saying do not place in a fridge or freezer! Store in an insulated container in a well ventilated area.