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    Batteries being stored in holders.

    Ours stay put in the single BEK holders, I remove them from items not used on a regular basis.
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    S.H.C Heating Elements

    I've seen some of the heaters with insulation fitted to the bit that sticks out of the heater, I think it was some sort of cork material but I'd imagine insulation for flue pipes could work too, it is probably better to have some the heater tube sticking out of the block as they do sometimes get...
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    Lab coats for yrs 7&8

    Buy them, issue them to students then ask the school management to insist individual students look after them as they should with PE kits.
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    AQA exam Board Anyone have a PDF for the A level RP's for Biology AQA?

    Both SAPS and CLEAPSS list suitable eluting solvent blends, I carried out a side by side comparison a while ago both gave good separation with the CLEAPSS being marginally better.
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    Marking measuring cylinders

    I do this pretty much for the same reasons, I do find the glass cylinders a bit better in terms of markings.
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    Replacing lipase with Lipex.

    It works well and is a lot easier to use.
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    Making a cell

    I'd check the low concentration to see if it works in terms of getting results.
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    I believe all the orange / yellow Unilab equipment is now made in India, that and everything else going on could explain the delay. I've certainly bought equipment off auction sites and had some really good deals.
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    Making a cell

    Interesting experiment about covalent bonding! If all that is required is to measure voltages when two different electrodes are immersed in an electrolyte provide as weaker solution as possible especially if you are dunking in magnesium, solution concentrations always matter in terms of safety...
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    open evening ideas

    It is going ahead here but not hands on for visitors, so a variety of demonstrations for them to view on a whistle stop tour of the school, most of the stuff I've been asked for is usually reserved for high end GCSE and A level so what the prospective new students will make of it all is any ones...
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    Edexcel exam board Growing Algae

    There is a mix of nutrient ingredients available on the SAPS site (a bit fiddly as the quantities are so small), CLEAPSS have recommended Baby Bio as an alternative, I've kept my culture growing using Phostrogen, a new supplier is recommended on the CLEAPSS Bulletin, Darwin Biological for algae.
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    Edexcel exam board A Level Bio B Photosynthesis Req Practical

    Posted the pondweed today, should be with you tomorrow, I usually keep it in tap water that has been allowed to stand overnight, so a large tub or plastic food box can be used, it will be okay indoors for a while if sighted on by a window that gets plenty of light. There may be some critters...
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    Edexcel exam board A Level Bio B Photosynthesis Req Practical

    Got it, I'll sort some out tonight and post it to you tomorrow, one thing I've noticed about it is that it needs a bit f lead foil to weigh it down so the cut end of the stem is below the water.
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    Hanging masses from wire - Youngs Modulus

    It isn't the tiles that cause the problem, there is a load of insulation on top of them that gets everywhere, I've had to wash eyes of contractors on a couple occasions because they didn't wear eye protection.
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    Edexcel exam board A Level Bio B Photosynthesis Req Practical

    If you can send me your address somehow I'll post you some Hornwort, when it starts bubbling in the right light it goes too fast to count anyway.
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    Edexcel exam board A Level Bio B Photosynthesis Req Practical

    If it the usual bubble count from a cut stem, Hornwort works well, I grow my own at home and now hopefully in school.
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    Laboratories used as Form rooms

    Happens here, not enough rooms available usually always science teachers though, if I think the equipment will be messed with it doesn't go out until they have gone.
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    Hanging masses from wire - Youngs Modulus

    We have the kit to do this experiment with the wire hanging but the ceilings are no longer high enough as we have had insulation and false ceilings installed to save energy, (shame about the windows always left open). We now use the horizontal bench method the wire is clamped between two pieces...
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    Eye protection

    I try to clean them on a regular basis anyway, however if every lab I look after has a practical needing them in any one day I'll run out of safety eye wear quickly until they are dry should the management insist on cleaning after every use.
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    health and safety

    Happens here sometimes, although every effort is made to ensure that cover is with them for scheduled lessons to ensure that they working, often small groups are allowed to use the 6th form library especially if they need access to reference textbooks or online resources.