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  1. mike wilson

    Physics joke

    And again.
  2. mike wilson

    Old data logger etcs

    I might have the software disc (3.25.") for the easy memory unit. You would only need to find a BBC Master to use it, then.....
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    Sad/bad news

  4. mike wilson

    Physics joke

    And another one. The wording says "Four barrel carburettor for Tesla On sale cheap."
  5. mike wilson

    Vaccine reaction

    AZ. First jab, i wasn't even sure I had been spiked. Felt nothing at all and no sore arm or lump. 12 hours later I went to bed early as I felt very shaky. 24 hours later, repeat. Second jab, I knew it had happened but no reaction at all. Except, for both jabs, I had a very slight metallic...
  6. mike wilson

    Sad/bad news

    A quiet and dignified sendoff, planted on a sunny spring day under a beautiful, pink-flowering chestnut tree next to his father.
  7. mike wilson

    Sad/bad news

    Thanks, everyone. Just bracing myself for the funeral later today. Please contribute something to the tribute page listed above. I can't easily copy the stuff from here and I know it will bring solace of some kind to his family to know he was known so well.
  8. mike wilson

    Sad/bad news

    Thanks, Nick. Please feel free to contribute; it costs nothing and I am sure his family will be very appreciative.
  9. mike wilson

    Sad/bad news
  10. mike wilson

    Sad/bad news

    It appears George died from peritonitis. Not a pleasant way to go at all. No idea of the cause yet but I would not be surprised to find it was something induced by stress. At the moment, there is no plan to stream the funeral. His mother is very elderly and, as you can imagine, deeply upset...
  11. mike wilson

    Sad/bad news

    Yes, thanks.
  12. mike wilson

    Sad/bad news

    On Tuesday, I went into work to help George with some stuff like ordering, that he had had landed on him after I was made redundant. He said that the job was now causing him considerable stress due to expectations of picking up the SST stuff and a substantial workload now that he was sole...
  13. mike wilson

    STEM professionals' attributes survey

    A colleague's daughter is on her uni placement year and has been tasked with asking STEM professionals to complete a short survey. It's not an onerous task, so if you would be so kind as to fill it in your karma balance will tip noticably to the good side. Here is the link...
  14. mike wilson

    Recommendations for a dishwasher in chemistry prep room

    Miele glasswasher (usually a four figure model number) or the Camlab Cub, That is, anything other than a household appliance. Household ones don't have reverse flow protection and are very limited in their ability to wash items with narrow necks. Pro washers, on the other hand, cost an arm...
  15. mike wilson

    Heating mantle and quick fit

    Be aware that mantles come in two shapes. Those for round-bottomed flasks and those for pear shaped flasks. You can use r/b flasks in the pear ones but not the other way round - at least, not with any efficiency.
  16. mike wilson

    Healthy Eating

    Don't go for junk chocolate, which is basically anything you are likely to find in a confectioners or supermarket. Try the Hotel Chocolate 100% bars - there are quite a few different ones and they all taste different, so don't give up at the frst one. You only need a piece the size of a small...
  17. mike wilson

    The US election

    This one's as true here as it is there.
  18. mike wilson

    The US election

    This. I know two people who work in construction in NY and _nobody_ will knowingly work with him or his companies. SOP is to refuse to deliver the final payment due to some (alleged and until then, unseen) failure of the contractor, leaving them with the option of throwing time and money at...
  19. mike wilson

    The US election

    Go to about four minutes for a taste of what's coming.
  20. mike wilson

    Advice on a biology resistance prac..

    Needs to be the alcohol free one, of course. Plus, there are cheaper alternatives - Wisdom Chlorhexidine is one. About half the price of Corsodyl.