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  1. Bianchi

    Fixing a spark counter

    Modern caps are a bit smaller now. No harm in trying it if voltage/capacitance are equivalent. Just make sure you wire up the tags to correct polarity if they are polarised. Looking at the age of it the dielectric will have probably broken down. Common fault in old caps from that era.
  2. Bianchi


    Oh how I laughed.
  3. Bianchi

    producing oxygen to go into boiling tubes

    No need for vaseline with tubes. Just make sure the bungs are not old and hardened. I usually get at least 5 working days out of them. Jars seem to last a bit longer as long as your jar/lid is clean and chip free. You will need vaseline for them tho'.
  4. Bianchi

    Is this the beginning of the end for the Science Technician role?

    Most of the above statements are 90% right. In 30 years I have seen many initiatives? enacted to try and change the job for the better. All have failed. Why? Lack of commitment by employers, schools and yes, even trade unions and technicians doomed them all. Up here in Scotland we're under 2...
  5. Bianchi

    Half term funnies

    And was your reply here's my lighter !
  6. Bianchi

    Im done

    Sorry to hear your leaving with all that c**p you have been through. I'm a couple of years behind you, retire Oct. 2023, and despair at the way this job is going. Something has to be done soon or long term this is a dead career, certainly at this level.
  7. Bianchi

    More mystery objects

    Possibly special solder. Try a bolt on it to see.
  8. Bianchi

    More mystery objects

    Last one solder aid tool.
  9. Bianchi

    Playing with trains

    If he has a ps4/xbox/p.c. then Train Sim World 2020/2 shows how to drive a train, all kinds on many routes but not steam at the moment. It also allows you to undestand signalling. The German system is a real challenge.
  10. Bianchi

    Tollens Reagent

    We were told disposal by waste company. Something to do with the silver nitrate not being enviro friendly.
  11. Bianchi

    What is Santa bringing you?

    Cycling gear(hopefully) and an add on to Train Sim World 2020. I could probably do without the add on as I'm struggling trying to drive the German trains. Revenge for losing 2 World Wars?
  12. Bianchi

    New report: Shining a light on school science technicians

    Rant alert. Well, what to say. After 30 years of reports, investigations, enquiries and any other name you can call it we are still where we were when I started 30 years ago. Adrift, unrecognised etc. I have tried on at least one occasion to get either local councillors and M.PS. interested in...
  13. Bianchi

    CLOSED - Senior Science Technician - Bedford High School, Leigh. Closing 13/11/2020.

    Same up here in Scotland. We had a thing up here about 15 years ago called single status. It was meant to "harmonize" jobs within the council. Of course they could not resist trying and in some cases downgrading jobs. The techs missed that by a whisker. I asked my union, I won't mention them by...
  14. Bianchi

    CLOSED - Senior Science Technician - Bedford High School, Leigh. Closing 13/11/2020.

    That's true, but I'm sure your wage is pro rata, harmonised or what ever term your employer wants to use. It's the same thing. Your paid for 39 weeks plus one, or whatever and then it's "stretched" over 52 weeks. Only now a precedent has been set for it to be "part time". A worrying trend for...
  15. Bianchi

    CLOSED - Senior Science Technician - Bedford High School, Leigh. Closing 13/11/2020.

    Your right. Never heard of a term time only tech job being called part time till now. This could have an effect on your credit standing etc. Bank Manager/Mortgage lender: " Do you work full time? Technician: " No, I work a 37 hour but only term time. My employer classes that part time." Bank...