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  1. RichardYorke30

    Question - non specialist teaching science 15 hours - September

    We are very on top of H&S. Lablogger reviewed. I would like to think my word is heard in the school. Also made it very clear about them being 'competent ' and 'safe' I'll have to look into insurances etc..if there ever was a issue. Cheers
  2. RichardYorke30

    Question - non specialist teaching science 15 hours - September

    Do they need a science PSCG to do practical science?
  3. RichardYorke30

    Question - non specialist teaching science 15 hours - September

    As title. What are ths problems with this happening? is there a question of insurance for practical work? I'm trying to helpful with gain time in July offering time in the preproom to do practical work and of course all the basic science issues. Best Richard Yorke.
  4. RichardYorke30

    Unknown Physics

  5. RichardYorke30

    Unknown Physics

    Any tech nots would be great.
  6. RichardYorke30

    Unknown Physics

    Yes KS5. Which practical number is it? I've found a ton of hidden stuff ..even tho I've been here 3 plus years!
  7. RichardYorke30

    Unknown Physics

    Hello all The great clear out of an old storage room in my school. We found some old equipment not seen light maybe in a few years.. Any ideas? Best
  8. RichardYorke30

    Hello from Nottingham

    I'm in Mansfield area ;) but worked in Nottingham city some time ago!
  9. RichardYorke30

    Amino acid powders..

    Afternoon folks Does anyone know the amount of water i dissolve each individual amino acid in>? its the first time buying powders ? Just a simple TCL using Glycine, Tryosine and tryptophan with ninhydrin for detecting them.
  10. RichardYorke30

    Quality of technician support

    Question to the hive mind. is G228 - Technicians and their jobs the most updated guide on Quality of technician support? Cheers Richard Yorke
  11. RichardYorke30

    CLOSED - Temp Science Technician -Samworth Church Academy Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom 9/12/192
  12. RichardYorke30

    VAT Question?

    Opened a can of worms...all i see is another 20% off the budget ! D'oh
  13. RichardYorke30

    VAT Question?

    My issue would you see it again. when it is claimed back it'll go into a black hole??
  14. RichardYorke30

    VAT Question?

    Morning all As i order 100% for the science department. I've been asked now to add VAT to all orders this is the first time in 12 years I've been asked to do this. I am in MAT/ Academy. Am i missing something ? i thought schools don't pay VAT? Cheers
  15. RichardYorke30

    Money saving in science?

    As budgets are tight as ever. Pens,pencils general stationary are as cheap as i can get them. I get quotes on orders always looking for good deals on chemicals and equipment etc What can we save money on in science? apart from doing less practicals?
  16. RichardYorke30

    Why are the soooo many jobs on the CLEAPSS website?

    I've never seen so many jobs on there anyone know why?
  17. RichardYorke30

    siwoboloff method of determining boiling point

    Hello folks not often i find something i haven't heard of.. Anyone got any tech worksheets to help with this method ?
  18. RichardYorke30

    Science Technician vacancies

    Gee future seems great for us. As a technician for about 11 years I've seen people join and quit within a year. Poor progression and poor pay. I mean we all have bad days but on a whole i really enjoy my job and fought tooth and nail to get paid what i am on now.
  19. RichardYorke30

    column chromatography

    Hello Folks Never done this before any advice? or tech notes i can read up on? Thanks
  20. RichardYorke30

    What's next?

    Thanks all food for thought!