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  1. Alex C


    We don't break up till next Wednesday so 3 days after today. Nearly there though! Not planning on leaving the UK this summer
  2. Alex C

    New DfE guidance for "Step 4".....

    I did the same. Sent our H&S lead the link with a couple of questions and left it with them:cleapssadvice::safety::cleapss:
  3. Alex C

    No technician from September

    Sad but true
  4. Alex C

    summer school ideas for new year 7's ?

    Current plan is some basic bunsen burner use (lighting them, how to use safely, blue/orange flame etc) to also possibly include burning Mg and flame tests on splints. They'll then move onto making red cabbage indicator which they will use to dye their own filter papers and then finish with...
  5. Alex C

    screaming jelly baby

    I rinse then pop in glass bin
  6. Alex C

    Summer break

    I hope to spend as much of the summer outside as time and weather allows. Lots of miles planned on my bicycle (my happy place!) plus a week or two camping under canvas on the banks of the River Severn at my sailing club. Can't wait :D
  7. Alex C

    New DfE guidance for "Step 4".....

    I actually really feel for SLT as any plans they make now will almost certainly have been superseded by September so there must be a feeling of why bother worrying about it yet! I mean it's like in the run up to Christmas 2020 we had one set of plans for the following term, then the cases...
  8. Alex C

    Accident/near miss recording within Science

    Thank you. How do you record it? Spreadsheet? Book? Something else?
  9. Alex C

    Accident/near miss recording within Science

    I'm interested how you all record accidents and/or near misses within the science department. I am newly appointed as senior science technician here and a bit surprised we don't have anything on a local level to record these incidents so we can learn from them if needed. Don't get me wrong...
  10. Alex C

    Practical notice period

    We have a deadline of Thursday 2pm for the next week. We will try and do late requests wherever possible as we recognise that sometimes things happen and best laid plans go out the window but practicals booked on time will always take precedence on technician time and equipment if there are...
  11. Alex C

    AQA exam Board Do I need to use a crystalline dish?

    We use petri dishes too.
  12. Alex C

    Samples in the fridge

    We get our body parts (still warm!) fresh from the abattoir so they will happily keep in the fridge for the week if needed. Saying that we usually bag up and freeze asap and defrost when needed. Any body parts that survive the first dissection will then normally be refrozen and used a second...