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  1. Christine Broadbent

    wanted, overhead projector.

    We are looking for an old type overhead projector to use with a ripple tank(from September). Does anyone, by any chance have an old one, languishing in the back of a cupboard, which they no longer require. Willing to pay and collect (if local enough to West Yorkshire) or pay carriage if further...
  2. Christine Broadbent

    chocolate bar/biscuit

    Has anyone had the SLS catalogue delivered recently? Was there a chocolate bar/biscuit wrapped in with it? I've just picked up the catalogue from my pigeon hole and it was totally unwrapped, all the flyers 'flying' loose, made me wonder whether the office staff had removed said biscuit. Thought...
  3. Christine Broadbent

    portable gas burners

    Hi, Does anybody use portable gas burners? We have a set for a teaching room with very few gas taps. Some of the canisters are nearly empty and need replacing. How do I dispose of them? Can I put them in the normal waste skip? Our facilities team couldn't give me a definitive answer. Thanks
  4. Christine Broadbent

    H & S File

    Morning, What sort of things do you keep in your H & S file? So far I have our dept H & S policy, the chemical stock list and a record of lab equipment checks. Our facilities team look after paperwork for pressure vessel and fume cupboard testing, so don't put them in. Is there anything else I...
  5. Christine Broadbent

    microscope trolley

    Hi, I'm trying to find a sturdy trolley to transport 15 microscopes on, which is not overly expensive. Most I've looked at will take 12 comfortably but I'd like it to be bigger. Anyone got any recommendations please?
  6. Christine Broadbent

    Aluminium sheet

    Morning all, Does anyone know where I can source aluminium metal in a sheet? (Not kitchen foil). I can find copper and lead but none of the usual suppliers have aluminium other than kitchen foil which is too thin and flimsy for us. There was a small sheet of it here, when I joined the school 4...
  7. Christine Broadbent

    borax snowflakes

    Afternoon, Does anyone have a reliable recipe for making borax crystal snowflakes. We're having a 'Christmas' themed science club for the next three weeks, and any recipes I can find on the internet are 'american' and not very accurate.(No offence to anyone from USA intended!) Thank You
  8. Christine Broadbent

    anhydrous copper sulphate

    Afternoon, We're very quickly running out of our supply of anhydrous copper sulphate. I have ordered more but until it arrives would I be able to dry the hydrated version and use it successfully. All they are using it for is a very basic evaporation experiment, TIA
  9. Christine Broadbent


    Morning, I've been asked for the Iron and Sulphur experiment with premade mixture of the two chemicals. Not done this for such a long time, does it matter what ratio of Fe an S I use? Can't find a recipe anywhere. Thanks
  10. Christine Broadbent

    No borax snowflakes!

    Morning, Has anyone ever made crystal snowflakes using borax substitute instead of pure borax?(or something else maybe?). Does it still work as well? I want the children to be able to take their crystals home so can't use borax. Thanks.
  11. Christine Broadbent

    reactivity series

    Morning all, We're doing displacement reactions next week using nitrate salts and various metals. What concentration of salt solutions should I use please? can't find a suitable method anywhere. Thank You
  12. Christine Broadbent

    sudan 111 solution

    Hi, does anyone know what concentration of Sudan 111 solution I should use for testing lipids (AQA required prac, food tests). I have a 100ml bottle of solution without any idea of its concentration. None of the staff know what to use either! Thanks.
  13. Christine Broadbent

    AQA Req prac - resistance

    I'm getting very confused which resistors, diodes and fixed resistors I need to buy for this prac. If you do AQA which size do you buy ? Which sort of diode is best to use? Is a metal film resistor better than a wirewound one or vica versa? AQA's worksheets are not very clear (unless I'm not...
  14. Christine Broadbent

    Radioactivity equipment

    Hi, we're about to buy equipment and sources for GCSE radioactivity . There seems to be so many different options, I'm unsure what to do for the best. Which type of equipment do you all use and where do you buy it from?
  15. Christine Broadbent

    Sudan III stain

    Hi Guys, Preparing food tests for Friday, following new AQA required practical, which asks for Sudan III. I have a bottle of solution (no concentration mentioned). Do I need to dilute this at all or can I use it 'neat'? Never used it before. Thanks
  16. Christine Broadbent

    temperature of chemical store

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know if there is a recommended temperature for an internal chemical store? Ours has a mechanical fan in the ceiling which is always on but the temperature is permanently 27degrees C. This seems a bit high to me. I've looked on CLEAPSS but haven't found anything yet.
  17. Christine Broadbent

    endothermic reactions

    Hi, Does anyone have a method , suitable for year 7/8, for endothermic reactions? My HOD thinks there is something involving wood blocks/water/beakers suspended from wood and the production of ammonia???? Any ideas please
  18. Christine Broadbent

    starch in leaves

    Hi, I've only ever used geranium leaves for this experiment, but we only have two small plants in school and it's the wrong time of year to get them elsewhere!! Are there any other types which will work as well? Would waxy leaves i.e. laurel/rhododendron work? Thanks.
  19. Christine Broadbent

    elephants toothpaste

    Does anyone have a failsafe method for Elephant's toothpaste please? There are so many different ones on the net to choose from.
  20. Christine Broadbent

    Iodine stain

    Hi, does anyone know of a good way of removing a very widespread iodine stain from the lab floor please? The stain has been there a couple of weeks ( no-one thought to tell me!). Ive tried Jif and good old elbow grease but to no avail.