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    Just spoken to CLEAPSS again and been given the "primary password"? It's got me in though! :)
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    Hi there Is anyone else struggling to log into CLEAPSS using the new password and username? I've rang CLEAPSS and they told me to clear the cookies, which I have done but still I'm struggling to log on. Thanks
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    Glassware Acid Bath

    Save your acid and clean by soaking in hot soapy water (overnight is good) and with a good cloth wipe off pen marks before rinsing. Works everytime.
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    Mental Health Matters

    This is a job you know well inside out, just let them know that. Stay confident @BioBee. You got this! All the best!!
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    Glassware and general labware-

    We keep 250ml/100ml beakers; test tubes; boiling tubes in all our labs, kept in labelled gratnell trays. It just seems pointless to keep dragging glassware in and out along with practical trays. All general equipment i.e. clamps stands in all labs.
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    Blue roll

    Just purchased ours (science dept. budget) from ESPO .. £40.60 for 12 rolls, they come in packs of 6.
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    Sanitiser handgel

    Hello there I was wondering if anyone could help me finding the info for using handgel in science dept. I know I've read something somewhere (possibly COVID sections) but struggling to find it now. Appreciate it :)
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    Chemical Room Flow Rate & Fume Cupboard Testing.

    We have been using Tecomak for at lest 7 or 8 years now. Highly recommend.
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    Seven years into being a technician I had my first breakage, accidently broke a boiling tube whilst washing it. A week later.....dropped a brand new box FULL of boiling tubes!:shocked: :shocked::shocked:I think there may have been 50 boiling tubes inside.:(
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    CLEAPSS password

    I have emailed CLEAPSS and they have responded back quite quickly with the new username and password.
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    Yes, so basically something similar to a hazcard but aimed at specific practicals. (See attached pic) This was something that was bought up in a H&S inspection a few years ago.
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    Morning all! Does anyone out there give out practical information cards with your practicals when they go out to the labs? If so, is there a template that I could use?
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    Tax Code - Cleaning Lab Coats

    Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Tax Code - Cleaning Lab Coats

    I've used something completely different.
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    Microscopy Animal Cells (Cheek Cell Demo)

    I'm going to be putting my foot down! If it's not safe -it cannot be done otherwise it'll be mask, gloves and quarantine! Keep safe.