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  1. Kay

    Extracting Oxalic acid from rhubarb leaves.

    Hi all, I have had a request from a student for the above practical. I have sent him off to find a good method but obviously I need to look into this myself. Does anyone have any advice, methods, top tips? Thanks in advance.
  2. Kay

    A request from the site team - Art Dept Furnace

    The company that has serviced our furnace has gone bust since our last service. Does anyone know of any other companies out there? We are in Essex Thanks all
  3. Kay

    Sorry, another JD request

    Hi, Still relating to our re grading. Does anyone have one of the old fashioned Lead Technician job descriptions? Like the ones with the old science outreach stuff and then all the line managing of the subject senior techs.
  4. Kay

    Career changes for technicians

    Obviously we are all very different people, but after the odd mid life crisis and now the regarding/redundancy dramas, I have often thought about a career change. I have an HNC, not a degree. I did do an apprenticeship at Imperial College. That was amazing. Worked in labs for 20 years. An odd...
  5. Kay

    Has anyone got a JD for an assistant tech?

    If so would they send it to me. Got an HR meeting in 10 mins. Would be super useful. I have tried Googling and will continue to search. Thanks all
  6. Kay

    What do you know about car batteries?

    I need to replace the battery in a Fiat 500 with Start/Stop So, when I search up on some websites a £50 ish battery comes up and then more expensive ones. (this is when I put in the reg, so presumably it only shows the correct battery) Then I uncover the fact that there are Start/Stop specific...
  7. Kay

    Comparing the action of pepsin and trypin

    Hi Enzyme experts. Need help. Biology have been churning this prac out for years and I'm now told it has never worked. But we keep sending it out and having it fail, then washing up and forgetting about it. Any good methods out there that I can astonish and amaze my lovely teachers with?
  8. Kay

    CLOSED - KEGS Chelmsford Essex

    20 hours per week. Very busy dept, super friendly and supportive school. As you'll see it closes tomorrow but late applications will be accepted.
  9. Kay

    New Bradys recipe

    Is anyone having any trouble with the new CLEAPSS recipe for Bradys?
  10. Kay

    Senior Tech Interview Task.

    Asking for a friend (and I really am too!) Do any of you guys have any experience for tasks for senior posts? A friend of mine has an interview after half term but the invite hasn't mentioned any tasks (or much at all) He'd like to spend half term prepping for this so any thoughts would be...
  11. Kay

    Business Manager Panel

    Hi All, Slightly off topic, but I'm sure you can help. I'm on the panel for a new business manager. Myself and one teacher are staff representatives. Does anyone have any great ideas of what I should ask, and also what I should be looking out for? Thanks Folks.
  12. Kay

    Testing leaves for starch

    Hi all, Obviously the ethanol from this ends up rather green. I know it can be filtered through charcoal etc, but does anyone just reuse it for the same practical? Thanks
  13. Kay

    CLOSED - Chemistry Vacancy - CLOSES 8th MAY

    Hi We have a vacancy for a chemistry technician here at KEGS. Our school is a great place to work, a very sociable and friendly staff. Well behaved, bright boys. Science dept are a really good bunch. There are two chem techs both splitting the workload of KS4 and 5 chemistry as they see fit, in...
  14. Kay

    Making Nylon Again

    I know this has come up before, but there is still no recipe card for making nylon. Searching on CLEAPPS gives a new method for polymerisation. Do you think its on the out as an activity? I can find the recipe and method easily enough, so I don't need help there. Just wondering what the future...
  15. Kay

    Technician Wage.

    I wonder if anyone can help. I am considering applying for a new job and have been told that they can’t tell me the salary as it is based on experience, however the candidate can ask for what they expect and they will work out if it is within the range! Now I need your help. It is a very...
  16. Kay


    This is driving me bonkers. Our teachers have an unhealthy obsession with nitrile gloves. If they have a cut on their hand and want to be super protected, rather than just protected its nitriles. If they have a particular dislike for a chemical - Nitriles "cos you know I hate that!" Can anyone...
  17. Kay

    Upgrading our EHT

    We are looking at upgrading our EHT and the HOD quite fancies the unilab one Any feedback (good or bad) out there? I think we might stretch to some new shrouded leads too, again any thoughts...
  18. Kay

    Scientific and Chemical

    Some of you might be aware of some rumours going around about the company being in trouble. I have spoken to them about some things and just to confirm they are stronger than ever and would love everyone to know that they are not going anywhere. Carry on ordering with the same confidence as...
  19. Kay

    Sorry for the vagueness.

    This is going to be odd but please bear with me. Anyone out there recently been convinced to change suppliers? It's one of those cases of if it is relevant you will probably know what I mean. I have been visited by a rep who has tried to convince me to go with them and have used a very specific...
  20. Kay

    My Least Favourite Supplier Strikes Again

    My chemistry technician was making up 2 litres of 1M Sodium Carbonate using newly opened, arrived a few months ago, stock of sodium carbonate 10 water. Using the CLEAPPS recipe book he used 286.14 x 2 into 2 litres of distilled water. He noted that it didn't look the same as the 10 year old...