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  1. Helen A Miller

    And it's not even dinner yet!

    Sounds like your having a week like mine, Sunday parking ticket because I failed to activate the "app" correctly. Monday feel off a small step ladder Hip made huge popping sound agony for 2 days, Tuesday knocked over a 10litre container of distilled water screw cap popped off water everywhere...
  2. Helen A Miller

    Rescue dog

    I agree, unfortunately I am a bit of a wildlife buff so I have holes in my fences that go into the woods behind my house for foxes/hedgehogs to pass through the garden which they do regularly. So no keeping them in the garden if they go out and with the woods they would easily get lost...
  3. Helen A Miller

    Rescue dog

    Got 2 rescue black cats (i just love them) back in November. They were terribly afraid at first hid for a week not even coming out to eat till we went to bed. Slowly coming round Bonnie will come to me now when I call her just about. But Clyde ignores everyone, just gives the merest ear twitch...
  4. Helen A Miller

    Brand new grey gratnell trays for sale £1 each

    Hi Mark, I could buy £20 worth from you cash but would need a receipt as I will need to claim back the money. Would that work or are you unable to take cash on collection.
  5. Helen A Miller

    Brand new gratell trays for sale £1 each

    Hi Mark, I could buy £20 worth from you, cash but you would have to give a receipt as I would have to claim it back. Would that be ok? or have you had a firmer offer.
  6. Helen A Miller

    Risk assessments and COSHH

    CLEAPSS Hazcards are a risk assessment, if there is no hazcard for the chemical it probably shouldn't be in school?
  7. Helen A Miller

    Christmas jumper day

    Boring here too, BAH HUMBUG
  8. Helen A Miller

    Rescue dog

    I know it's way off topic but I got a rescue cat (he was aged 8 when I got him) He was really cuddly and friendly purred loudly and came to his name no problem, But he didn't meow for a year and he suddenly played after nearly 2 years. We had tried everything to get him to play but he just...
  9. Helen A Miller

    Delivery tubes

    I wear riggers gloves from screwfix they have suede on the palms. lots of washing up liquid diluted, and wriggle a cork borer that the glass fits inside of, through the bung first but make sure you can draw it out again. Think about which way the glass goes, I usually fit the cork borer in from...
  10. Helen A Miller

    North Kent Technician Network

    Room swaps are a nightmare too as many science classes are not in a lab any more at all. So to do practical they have to swap that means more cleaning and restrictions etc.
  11. Helen A Miller

    North Kent Technician Network

    Hi Everybody, We are doing practicals as normal. The restrictions and safety measures are making it tricky. There is much more cleaning and quarantining needed and more planning to ensure equipment doesn't cross bubbles etc. The storage is our biggest problem at the moment. To try and reduce the...
  12. Helen A Miller

    What are you favourite YouTube channels?

    There are a lot of very small commuter vehicles coming through the system now, Many come from France where teenagers are allowed to drive them, I have seen on You tube quite a few of these little mini city cars, bit safer than an e bike or a motor bike but not a full size car.
  13. Helen A Miller

    What are you favourite YouTube channels?

    I watch a lot of "fully charged" and many other you tubers promoting renewable energy and electrification of transport. I also like Simon's Cat, and other cute things (am a bit of a girly at times). Also dash cam videos, Abandoned engineering/ architecture, I like to be in the know with new...
  14. Helen A Miller

    North Kent Technician Network

    The school finishes tomorrow but I don't work Fridays so I'm finishing today roll on 3.30pm.
  15. Helen A Miller

    North Kent Technician Network

    Merry Christmas to all my colleagues out there in Kent schools, and technicians everywhere. May the new year bring good things for all of us.;)
  16. Helen A Miller

    Christmas shopping

    But if they reduce the holidays there wont be any quiet time unless of course you don't want any holiday.
  17. Helen A Miller

    Christmas shopping

    Oh so your one of these wanting to reduce childhood to nothing are you, not to mention the extra workload on me and my kind, when are the quiet times for maintenance etc going to be??????
  18. Helen A Miller

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    Best wishes all you lovely tech's out there
  19. Helen A Miller

    Christmas shopping

    When I started out nearly 40 years ago working for the inner London education authority ILEA all schools got a day for Christmas shopping the school closed for a day. No such luck now, wont be long before schools are even open up to and including Christmas eve. We'll be done to just 4 weeks...