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  1. labsleuth

    OCR (Hodder Education) A Level CHEMISTRY Books

    Hi, We have these textbooks available for sale or swap, as we no longer do the OCR scheme. We have three of each (year 1 AS and year 2). If anyone is interested, please message me and we can negotiate a price of swap deal. Thanks! ISBN: 978-1-4718-2706-8 ISBN: 978-1-4718-2718-1
  2. labsleuth

    Corn (genetics)

    Hi. Just wondered if anybody knew where I could buy some of the genetics corn from, please? Have tried the usual catalogues without success. TIA.
  3. labsleuth

    AQA exam Board A level 33.1 Analgesics chromatography

    Hi everyone We have trialed this one so many times and just don't seem to get any results. We are using the correct TLC plate (with fluorescein), the 60:40 hexane/ethyl ethanoate solvent stated, and methylated spirit to dissolve the tablet powders in. We get nothing with a UV light. I tried an...
  4. labsleuth

    % of iron by titration

    Hi all Possibly a stupid question, so apologies in advance, but I'm just preparing the AQA Redox practical where you titrate acidic iron tablet solution with potassium manganate(vii) solution. I would usually make KMnO4 up in dilute sulfuric, but titrating acid against acid seems odd... Do I...
  5. labsleuth

    OCR PAG 5

    Hi all. I am setting up the OCR GCSE PAG 5 - Identification of Species and finding the technical notes a little vague (see below). What do people usually do for this one, please?
  6. labsleuth

    Potassium chlorate (v) crystals

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone had managed to source potassium chlorate (v) crystals rather than powder for the new screaming jelly baby protocol, please. TIA :)
  7. labsleuth

    HZ154 probe

    We've been doing a bit of a stock-take and have found four 1:1/10:1 Probe HZ154 HAMEG probes (pictured below), to be used with an oscilloscope (I think!) Does anybody know exactly what they're for and how to use them? TIA.