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  1. Sharon Elsdon

    how long have you worked as a technician?

    12 and a half years as an science tech at this school and a colour tech before that for 8 years.
  2. Sharon Elsdon

    23 & Me Test Kits!

    Can you explain some more, this sounds really interesting, I've not heard of it before.
  3. Sharon Elsdon

    No water

    This was my understanding too
  4. Sharon Elsdon

    No water

    And adding to that it is a hot day and you need to be able to access hydration as well. I'm not sure their logic is correct.
  5. Sharon Elsdon

    Sad/bad news

    I just was having a look in different parts of Preproom and noticed this news. What a loss for George's family and friends. He was such a fountain of knowledge and helped so many of us. Thank you for posting Mike and allowing us to put a face to the avatar.
  6. Sharon Elsdon

    And it's not even dinner yet!

    Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey! What a day. I agree the AQA assessments haven't been thought through well with no enough space. Hope the coffee helped, once you brewed more!
  7. Sharon Elsdon

    Extra-Curricular fun

    Some great hobbies on here. I do love cross stitch but haven't had time for years to do it until lockdown 1 and I did a retirement gift and a Disney stitch one which I love. I also love triathlon. Training for my first one when I can get to it but it will be a short distance as I'm permanently...
  8. Sharon Elsdon

    Retired, again!

    Happy Retirement!
  9. Sharon Elsdon

    Big Lead Castle

    If you didn't want it, maybe someone would buy it off you?
  10. Sharon Elsdon

    IMS not actually IMS!

    Hope you get it sorted. We haven't had any IMS from Better Equipped otherwise I would have checked and let you know.
  11. Sharon Elsdon

    Is eating allowed in the prep room?

    I have a designated computer area and no chemicals etc are ever on that area. As the others say with Covid it's the best area in absence of other areas to go to.
  12. Sharon Elsdon

    Thank you and Goodbye

    Good Luck with your next journey
  13. Sharon Elsdon

    Face masks and Bunsen burners

    Yes they should, as long as there are no dangling ties and they are well fitting. CLEAPSS are advising this currently, it's in one of the guides for Covid.
  14. Sharon Elsdon

    Training a new technician

    The CLEAPSS website has an online H&S training for Techs at the moment, that maybe helpful for them to watch. Happy baby time too for you.....
  15. Sharon Elsdon

    Students wearing Covid Masks using Bunsen Burners FIRE Safety Guidance

    I asked a few months ago and it's also now in thoday's release. As long as there are no dangling straps etc all is good. It's similar to wearing a tie.
  16. Sharon Elsdon


    I agree, July is manic trying to finish everything up but June is good. Hope you are well too Chris
  17. Sharon Elsdon

    Let's talk microscopes...

    It costs us approximately £13 a microscope plus VAT and any travel costs.
  18. Sharon Elsdon

    Let's talk microscopes...

    We use a local company in Norfolk now, we have used Eazyweigh in Essex before and they have been happy to travel here. They service microscopes and balances.
  19. Sharon Elsdon

    Ripple tank

    We have one from a supplier that is easy to set up and easy to see. Much easier that the old wooden rickety one we had that took ages to setup and level etc. Hope that helps Sharon
  20. Sharon Elsdon

    Student Safety Data Sheets

    Hi We have a set of student safety sheets in each lab and prep room (7 labs) so the teachers and students can refer to them when they need them. Hope this helps