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    Any pasta/noodle maker reconmendations?

    Could you try bread made with out yeast? Such as soda bread or a sourdough loaf?
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    Carbon dioxide solution

    There is a pH of oxides experiment on the RSC website click. Is that what they are after?
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    LED Raybox

    Thanks for the replies, I will give a class set from better equipped a go and see how we get on.
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    LED Raybox

    Hello, We are in the fortunate position of having a few quid to spend on new equipment and I am looking at getting some LED rayboxes. Has anybody tried these from select school supplies? SSS rayboxes They are cheap for a class set but I am very wary of the old adage of buy cheap buy twice and...
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    Edexcel exam board Growing Algae

    I found this video quite helpful. Not that we ever got to use the algae as it died over lockdown. You can buy a starter culture from blades biological.
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    testing the concentration of Ammonia

    I would make up a what you think is a 1M solution of ammonia from your old stock bottle and then titrate it with 1M HCl. At least that will give you a rough idea of the strength of your stock bottle. Google suggests methyl orange as the indicator.
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    How to determine concentration of a gas in a room?

    You can get something called drager tubes, we used to use them in industry, you suck the air through them and they change colour depending on the concentration of the gas, effectively titrating the air. Probably overkill for this situation though. Raise your concerns in writing/email but in...
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    I would guess at hose connector, you would need to find one with the right size thread for your taps though.
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    Make VS buy

    Think you need to be a bit more specific, are you talking about diluting acids etc or things more complicated?
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    Staff Duties is this in my job description

    We have to do break and lunch duties here, it was never mentioned in my interview before I took the job. I have been fighting against it, saying lunch and break are my busy times for delivering/collecting from classrooms and setting up equipment etc, and did manage to convince them to remove me...
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    Tollens Reagent

    Tollens should be disposed of immediately after use, it can form explosive compounds on standing. Have a check on CLEAPPS.
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    Anyone see snow today ?

    Heavy snow in west yorkshire, just finished a 40 min outdoor break duty, which was nice!