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  1. J

    screaming jelly baby

    I cannot recall what I used to do with the reacted test tube after this demo? Nothing on my demo notes....I am assuming I used to soak and bin.......? Any more info appreciated
  2. J

    Groundhog Covid

    Anyone else feeling a bit meh? Feeling like walking through mud right now....cases in school again etc, half of classes in etc. How are you all doing?
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    Glass bottle....

    Hey all....please see attached photos. Trying to find these glass bottles...very wide neck...
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    Morning everyone. I have about 600ml of oil left over from the lava lamp practical. It seems too much to emulsify? or keep for disposal? Thanks for any advice in advance......
  5. J

    Carbon fibre electrodes?

    I just watched the webinar on CLEAPSS where Bob Worley is talking about carbon fibre electrodes rather than the standard graphite. Does anybody use these and if so where do you source them? I cannot see anything from our regular suppliers. Any info good as I am fed up with smashed graphite...
  6. J

    Hanna pH checker

    Hi All...and thanks in advance for any help advice you may be able to offer. We have just upgraded our old pH meters to the new ones that are supposedly foolproof and needing no messing with screwdrivers. However, despite following all instructions, I cannot get my head around them...takes ages...
  7. J

    SDS Sheets.....electronic filing.

    Hi All I just wanted some advice on where to begin with filing electronic versions of SDS....(Is electronic right term?!). I am not very IT savvy....I get by on word etc but no idea where to begin in creating large files like this, with eventual hope of tying in to our chem list and lablogger...
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    So the continued pain of the sanitising of eyewear continues....called a supplier today and was told all Miltons products have been discontinued?!! I mean....this is just stupid now!
  9. J

    Any idea of these fittings?!

    Hi all......could anyone help? I have some old equipment that really needs sorting ..fixing...updating. It was left over from the previous technician and I have no idea what the fittings are at the end...or how to put this together from scratch. It is for the reduction of copper using methane...
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    Heating Mantle

    Hey everybody...... One of our heating mantles bit the dust yesterday and now needing to replace. Currently looking in Timstar at replacing with what we already had, but looking at the economy range and we could get two for what we paid for just the one. Does anybody have any experience of...
  11. J

    30% sodium carbonate solution

    Hey all, would appreciate some serious brain freeze issues, I have a required prac for making esters and it asks for a 30% solution of sodium carbonate? 30% of 1 litre or 100cm3? where do I start with this, this is is all I have to go on...
  12. J


    Hey all, Yes, that standard post concerning the thermite not working. 4 out of 4 times and it has totally failed!Using the method of the sparkler method, only I place it over a tray of sand rather than water as the clean up after the water method is horrendous. It has not worked at all this...
  13. J

    Puddle Chemistry sheets?

    Hey all Can anybody point me in the right direction please? I am trying to find the sheets for laminating for microscale precipitation reactions? I saw it on Bob Worley's twitter originally, the sheet with instructions to add 1 drop of sodium hydroxide to the copper sulphate etc.....Also a...
  14. J

    Melting Point lamps....

    Hi all, would appreciate advice/feedback. We have four Stuart melting point apparatus and three have no working lamp. I have been asked to replace the lamp, and I thought it would be fairly simple, however looking at the online manual it does not seem so, there is no mention of changing the lamp...
  15. J

    thermite disposal

    Hey all... We did the thermite demo this week using the sparkler method.....first demo worked a treat ...second a failure. I have followed the disposal instructions given by the RSC , so I have left the unreacted mixture to stand in HCL, however what happens to this large beaker of murderous...
  16. J

    spills kits

    I am in a new school and I am used to the old kits with mineral absorbent etc, whereas here they have the large packs with the big yellow absorbent....anybody have any experience of these? I have put a standard spills kit together in the main lab as well.
  17. J

    fire extinguishers

    Hey all, amongst trying to safely organise a mass chem disposal I am checking what I need in my prep room for fire safety. Presently I have powder extinguisher ,a blanket and CO2. In my store room I will have sand and a container of salt. I am waiting for the advisor at CLEAPSS to get back to me...
  18. J

    opti fuel

    Do any of you know much about 'Opti-fuel'? It is used in those hobby cars for racing I believe? 16% nitromethane. I have 2.5litres in my flammable cabinet and am finding it hard to find data on it.....
  19. J

    peroxide tests

    I am curious as to the procedures you lovely techs have in place for testing for presence of peroxides? At my last school we had a 3 month check alongside the checks of metals etc....and we noted this in a chemical check book. I am taking over old stock so want to start a system and curious...
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    carbon dioxide gas

    what process do you use for collecting in a gas jar? I have limited side arm equipment currently.....also do you use 5m HCL?