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  1. Peter Dale

    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Does anyone have an ultrasonic cleaner that could advise? We have some budget left to possibly get one, and I'm wondering what sizes/capacity people would recommend shooting for. Also noticing a very large price and capacity disparity between the usual suppliers and what is available on Amazon...
  2. Peter Dale

    Hazcard Collection

    I have the all-hazcards pdf. I also know we can also download the individual hazcards one at a time. But is there a collection of the individual separate hazcards in a zip so that I wouldn't have to download every single one? Asking because I'm setting up lablogger and linking the Hazcard pdfs...
  3. Peter Dale

    I hate chasing orders that go 'missing' (My turn for a rant)

    So after a week of waiting for fresh glue sticks and telling science teachers begging for them that they should be delivered soon, it turns out they were delivered at the same time as a package I actually did receive. No one else is allowed into the office so I find it hard to believe someone...
  4. Peter Dale

    Antibiotic Discs.

    So this question has been bugging me for some time, and I've looked around but can find no answers to it. I have these antimicrobial disc cartridges: I've given them out before, but I've had people come back with failed or inconclusive results. So my questions are thus: Are the discs...
  5. Peter Dale

    Full Time or Term Time?

    How many of you are Full Time, Part-Time, or Term-Time Only? I myself was hired to be term-time only, and I was curious if that is more the norm, or if it's more usual to be taken on full time, particularly interested in hearing from other Senior Techs. I for one kinda like having the school...
  6. Peter Dale

    Background Music

    Do any of you put background music or the radio on while you work? My previous HoD said I was fine to do it, and the new one hasn't said I can't, so I do sometimes. I find that it helps motivate me to get going sometimes. Curious if anyone else does, and what sort of stuff you might put on.
  7. Peter Dale

    Lead Metal

    As part of my thorough clear-out to keep me busy during the covid crisis, I've stumbled on some pretty significant Lead stores. Some are small pieces (presumably for displacement), some are cut into squares (probably for folding parcels to burn), and some of it us just... large slabs that I'm...
  8. Peter Dale

    Time off in lieu

    I've always felt a bit weird taking time off in lieu. I've been a long technician for a little over 3 years now, with little training to speak of. I've basically had to learn as I go. But even after 3 years, I feel like some kind of criminal for asking to take a day off here and there, despite...