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  1. Alex C

    Accident/near miss recording within Science

    I'm interested how you all record accidents and/or near misses within the science department. I am newly appointed as senior science technician here and a bit surprised we don't have anything on a local level to record these incidents so we can learn from them if needed. Don't get me wrong...
  2. Alex C

    Technician survival kit/leaving present ideas

    My Head of Science is 61 and retiring from teaching to become a technician at another school for a few years before retiring fully. She's great and is always happy to get stuck in so I think she will make a great technician. I'm trying to think up ideas for a 'survival' type kit of things all...
  3. Alex C

    Does propanone go 'off'?

    I have a teacher looking at polymers next week so just setting up some demos (making nylon, hydrogel granules and water, hair gel and salt, polystyrene and propanone) I don't know why but maybe cause the polystyrene we have is getting a bit old and isn't 'crispy' any more I thought I'd test a...
  4. Alex C

    Reacting copper oxide with HCl and HNO3

    I have a teacher that has made copper sulfate crystals with their class by reacting copper oxide with sulfuric acid using practical procedure in CLEAPSS document PP027. They now want to extend this and see if they can make copper chloride by reacting copper oxide with hydrochloric acid and...
  5. Alex C

    Chloroethanoic acid

    I have been asked for a 0.1M solution of 1,1,1 trichloroethanoic acid for an esters practical in sixth form. I don't have any. I do have chloroethanoic acid which I'm assuming will work ok as a halogen substituted ethanoic acid. Am I right? Also never made any up before. I'm assuming just...
  6. Alex C

    Electrolysis to collect hydrogen and oxygen

    What would you use as the solution to collect hydrogen and oxygen at the electrodes? The teacher has suggested "sodium nitrate (or similar!)" on their order. I've never done it with sodium nitrate (does it work? Is there anything better?!) and before I spend lots of time trialling it I...