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    Hi there Is anyone else struggling to log into CLEAPSS using the new password and username? I've rang CLEAPSS and they told me to clear the cookies, which I have done but still I'm struggling to log on. Thanks
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    Sanitiser handgel

    Hello there I was wondering if anyone could help me finding the info for using handgel in science dept. I know I've read something somewhere (possibly COVID sections) but struggling to find it now. Appreciate it :)
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    Morning all! Does anyone out there give out practical information cards with your practicals when they go out to the labs? If so, is there a template that I could use?
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    Microscopy Animal Cells (Cheek Cell Demo)

    Morning all, can I just check if anyone is doing the cheek cells demo? It's not sitting well with me but the teacher seems to think it okay. Thank you!