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  1. NELE

    LogIt black boxes

    Hi all, we have a few of these along with various sensors. On the SensorLab software, in the right hand pane there's an option for oscilloscope. However this is 'greyed out', if you hover over it a small dialogue box appears stating you need and 'analogue sensor'. Long story short, what...
  2. NELE


    Wondering just how many dry ice pucks would you get from BOC liquid carbon dioxide cylinder using a 50mm diameter snowpack? Our cylinder hasn't been used much since we got it before lockdown, and other than the first successful puck ive got nothing of note from it
  3. NELE

    Broken Potentiometer Shaft

    Anyone had any luck or tips for repairing a plastic potentiometer shaft without taking the equipment apart and then desoldering/ replacing the said item. Its the x-pos on a cro, the shaft is completely missing. At present I've put a small horizontal groove/ indent so it can still be adjusted...
  4. NELE

    Losing your marbles....

    I made this from some bits of wood, nuts and bolts, and some metal rods for rails. Useful for sorting that mix bag of marbles or ball bearings into sizes. Roll the ball bearings from the narrow end and it will then fall into the sorting 'boiling tube' tray The metals rails can be adjusted for...
  5. NELE

    Edexcel Core Practical 4

    What do you use for this A level practical? We've got clear (perspex/ acrylic) tubes with a diameter of 76mm and a height of approx metre made up. But the bases which was made and sealed by DT are beginning to give way (almost swimming in washing up liquid at the mo). I seem spend hours trying...
  6. NELE


    Any use for VELAs nowadays or is it pretty much one big doorstop? Ive got a couple kicking around but with no supply.
  7. NELE


    I've got a couple of VELAs kicking around... message me if interested
  8. NELE

    Ammeter Kits

    Any idea how the following is put together to make a rudimental moving coil ammeter? The tray included the following items: wooden base, tounge depressor, needles, small magnets, enamel copper wire (see attached)
  9. NELE

    Mystery Item...

    Any ideas to what this is and does? The box has written on it 'magic eye' and the Phillip Harris cat no is P7984. Other view added approx 7.5cm tall TIA
  10. NELE

    interval timer counter

    Anybody know how to get this working reliably? I can get it to count from zero or reset the count to zero, but cant get it to stop counting. I would like to use it as an option with g fall equipment. TIA
  11. NELE

    Mystery Item (assuming Physics)

    Doing some 'housekeeping' in Physics and have come across the following: Needle point at each end, stainless steel, 22cm and there's about 30 or so. Any ideas?
  12. NELE

    CLOSED - Biology Tech

    Biology Tech, Full time, TTO+ Full details in TES/ CLEAPPS £20,000 Start date: 1 Jan 2021 Closing date: 9 Dec 2020
  13. NELE

    Corona Corona...

    If external agencies decide that schools should close (as in Italy)... teaching staff would as reasonably possible would be expected to provide remote learning to the classes they teach to ensure all pupils continue to make academic progress through the closure..... Just curious to know of what...
  14. NELE

    Guy Lussac law

    Any tips on this, we've had one set up below for a while with varying success. It's connected to a pressure and temp probe. The weak point is often getting an air-tight seal for the flask. This is usually attempted by connecting to a vacuum pump and then tying down the bung as best as possible...
  15. NELE

    Gas Syringes

    Broken, chipped plungers/ edges......any fixes, or are they simply a throwaway job or not?
  16. NELE


    So we got 7 or so Joulemeters gathering dust. I thought i'd use atleast one for a demo of Specific Heat Capacity but cant seem to get any decent results Temp Diff = 10C (43-53) Al Block (m) = 1.430kg Lagging = Polystyrene Energy (Q) = 18690 Any ideas?
  17. NELE

    Edexcel CPAC 6

    Anybody had any success doing the 'speed of sound' CPAC with more user friendly frequencies other than the suggested cringe worthy 4 and 2 kHz
  18. NELE

    Bio Rad....

    Anybody had any luck in replacing the batteries on these ultra violet torches from Bio Rad ....
  19. NELE

    Fine Beam Tube....

    So our HoD has just had the satisfaction of 'blowing' the filament in Leybold Fine Beam Tube... anybody had any success in getting these lovely tubes repaired? In excess of £1300 for a new one!
  20. NELE

    Vacuum Pump

    Does your Javac CC-31 Vacuum Pump smoke when operating normally? It has oil up to the right level Also what delightful things do you put in your bell jar to demonstrate gas pressure other than... Balloon/ Marshmallow Beaker/ Boiling Point Shaving Foam (so messy!)