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  1. Carine

    Is it me?

    Knock on the door, excuse me could we have some thermometers please? Oh yes, sorry I forgot to put them out. Teacher comes to see me after lesson - "I looked in the store but couldn't find them" she says. They are stored on the shelves alphabetically under T for Thermometers. Same teacher...
  2. Carine


    close to breaking point - anyone out there able to help out a technician in distress? Can't pay you, but I can offer tea & biscuits in exchange for some help getting back on top of things. Trying to look after 11 teachers, 9 labs in three separate buildings all by myself on 4 days a week. (1 day...
  3. Carine

    Stuck Gas Syringes

    I'm fairly sure this has been asked before, but can't find the thread - advice please on unsticking glass gas syringes. Thank You
  4. Carine

    Potential Job Share

    SLT quite supportive of my Job Sharing idea to cope with my deteriorating health. If anyone is interested in working up to 2 days a week at The Romsey School to share my role please get in touch as soon as possible. I cannot financially drop to any less than 3 days, and doubt School would offer...
  5. Carine

    Water Still Distinction 4000

    Our water still has cracked - allowing water to leak everywhere! This is after replacing the element last year. Don't suppose anyone has an old one with a broken element they would be happy to part with? It is the type like the one in Breckland catalogue Page 419 Item 3. This is the bit we need:
  6. Carine

    Dancing oobleck

    Does anyone know the secret? A teacher who used to work here used to get it to dance, but I just can't get it to work, cornflour just sits in a puddle in the speaker just looking at me. Speaker is definitely moving.
  7. Carine

    Measuring frequency for EDEXCEL speed of Sound in solid CORE PRAC

    OK I give up, everything people suggests does not seem to work. Wording on Edexcel worksheet: "Hold a smartphone with a frequency app near the rod and note down the peak frequency" We have tried the following apps: VisualAudio Real Time Spectrum Analyser sound analyser PRO Audio Frequency...
  8. Carine

    Old Physics stuff

    I am having a clear out of stuff we don't use here. Does anyone have any use for any of the following: 2 x IRWIN Inductive Reactance board 2 x IRWIN Capacitive Reactance board 1 x IRWIN Neon Investigation Unit 2 x hydraulic press (1 is broken & glued) photos to follow when I work out how to get...
  9. Carine

    CLOSED - Science/IT/Reprographics Technician closing 06/12/2017

    Romsey School is advertising for Casual Technical Staff for Science, IT & Reprographics. advert below: Support Staff required Casual position £10 per hour We are looking to recruit casual staff to support in IT, Reprographics and/or Science on a temporary basis. Experience of working in a...
  10. Carine


    Can anyone recommend a Joulemeter for the Edexcel Core Prac? We're thinking of purchasing 2 (1 for each of our main buildings) but not sure what type to get. If anyone's going to Hants Tech Mtg tomorrow, could you bring one for me to look at please?
  11. Carine

    AQA vs Edexcel

    Management at our School are keen to swap from Edexcel to AQA - this has been discussed frequently in the past but our Head of Science has always resisted stating there was no reason to change. Looks like they've worn him down. Does anyone have direct experience of both recently and can give a...
  12. Carine

    lots of glass Winchester Bottles Up for Grabs

    Hi all, having a clear out of my prep room (all being packed away for the summer). Does anyone want any old 2.5 litre brown glass Winchester Bottles? (with screw lids) Latest count - I have 44 of these to get rid of, suggestions anyone? You have till Tuesday to collect from Romsey before I...
  13. Carine

    Staff Uniform

    What are people's thoughts on wearing a staff uniform? The DT Technician came to see me yesterday to ask my opinion and I'm not sure. It seems his HoD has had an email asking him to tell his technician to wear a School Polo shirt (like the IT team & caretakers do). His attitude is that he'll...
  14. Carine

    Distilled water

    Heater element in my still has broken again (replaced it a few years ago) due to on-going problems with water pressure issues. I have sourced some emergency supplies - thank you for all the offers. But I was wondering what people's thoughts are on how much we actually need - does it work out...
  15. Carine

    water still

    Just put up a request for help with my distilled water supply on the Hampshire Technicians Group page
  16. Carine

    Speed of Sound in solid using frequency app HELP

    Modern world and it's apps left me behind a while back so need help with this one: The Core practical worksheets asks for pupils to use a smartphone with a frequency app to note the peak frequency when hitting a metal rod with a hammer (you can then calculate speed as you know length of rod and...
  17. Carine

    Algal cultures

    anyone got any advice on setting up an algal culture? I remember doing this in a previous job but I'm confused by the media concentrate. Do I need to buy new media for each time I subculture? I'm sure we didn't bother with that before but reading up on all the stuff I've been sent seems to...
  18. Carine

    power supplies

    Got a little money left to spend in the next couple of weeks and we need power supplies. Has anyone tried the SLS Lab Basic Student ones? I really liked the SciChem Lascells Revolution ones, but gone off SciChem now that they have got rid of their reps. Quite like the old Irwin ones, and SLS do...
  19. Carine

    Observing Brownian Motion

    New scheme of work suggests using smoke cell to observe Brownian motion. I vaguely recall someone saying it was possible to make smoke cells, does anyone have a reliable method that works? Never done it or used them so any advice would be useful please. Thank you.
  20. Carine

    Amino Acid Paper Chromatography

    Having a look at doing this for the first time, found Amino Acids in Soy Sauce protocol on CLEAPSS site, which may work. But I was wondering if anyone does this with purchased pure amino acids and if so which would be good ones to buy?