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  1. J

    screaming jelly baby

    I cannot recall what I used to do with the reacted test tube after this demo? Nothing on my demo notes....I am assuming I used to soak and bin.......? Any more info appreciated
  2. J

    New DfE guidance for "Step 4".....

    In total agreement with you here...the personal responsibility stuff is a joke.....when a fair few people have given no effs from the very beginning! I have little faith
  3. J

    Combustion of sodium metal in pure oxygen

    My advice as a tech watching that is to clear the stock bottle of sodium asap away from the bunsen!
  4. J

    how long have you worked as a technician?

    8 years, which I cannot believe, still think of it as 3 years! 3 years was literally just washing up whilst training though
  5. J

    Groundhog Covid

    Agree with all of you, it is like they came back after half term and no masks in classrooms etc, it just seems it was inevitable to me this was going to happen. One jab here and feeling vulnerable again.
  6. J

    Groundhog Covid

    Anyone else feeling a bit meh? Feeling like walking through mud right now....cases in school again etc, half of classes in etc. How are you all doing?
  7. J

    removing bungs from flasks / tubes

    Ice around the neck works for me lately....and fast
  8. J

    Lead Science Technician - Full Time -Hoc Est Iocus School, Central London - Closing 30/13/21

    This is brilliant. I have printed off.....made me laugh out loud. Bang on!
  9. J

    Any cracking deals on eye protection?

    Since sanitising with Miltons and quarantine, I have found making the students stand outside the labs looking in through the windows so much easier x
  10. J

    How much sanitiser have you used for sanitising eye protection?

    Yes....some fairy liquid good to just lightly agitate them. Then rinse and I use the per CLEAPSS. I have one bowl...dunk them for 15 mins...rinse then dry..and just keep going until all done.
  11. J

    Disposal of Chemicals

    Really useful. So well made. Also...very good ASMR narration......
  12. J

    Disposal of zinc from RSC oxidation states of vanadium

    Yes...use that CLEAPSS recipe. Can the remaining vanadate solution be kept? I never have any left over usually as only make enough for the large scale demo....
  13. J

    Disposal of zinc from RSC oxidation states of vanadium

    Thanks both....tried a second run through...added more zinc this time and went through to the lilac violet no probs. Thank you:)
  14. J

    Disposal of zinc from RSC oxidation states of vanadium

    Hey @Lily83 ...trying this prac......I seem to be stuck in the green+4 stage for ages.....any tips? Unsure if adding not enough zinc...but still some zinc left in there so reaction must still be taking place...
  15. J

    Solution ratios

    Not a stupid question.......I am personally awful at ratios! All breaking down of MW etc...totally fine...bang on and accurate. But when I see a ratio.......ugh
  16. J

    Glass bottle....

    Hey all....please see attached photos. Trying to find these glass bottles...very wide neck...
  17. J


    Thank you....separated ready for reuse on Thursday for the next lot of lava lamps :)
  18. J


    Morning everyone. I have about 600ml of oil left over from the lava lamp practical. It seems too much to emulsify? or keep for disposal? Thanks for any advice in advance......
  19. J

    Disposal of zinc from RSC oxidation states of vanadium

    Appreciate this....thank you.
  20. J

    Disposal of zinc from RSC oxidation states of vanadium

    Thanks for this! Can I ask what vial you use?