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  1. Sharon Elsdon

    Let's talk microscopes...

    Hi Our HoD would like me to find some nice microscopes with a good objective at 40X. We currently have some Motic SFC-100FL microscopes which work well but on the 40 X objective are not terribly good. Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced microscope we could buy a few of to get a decent...
  2. Sharon Elsdon

    Ion Drift Velocity

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me. Our Physics A Level teacher has asked for an ion drift velocity experiment which involves a piece of filter paper as big as a microscope slide saturated in ammonium hydroxide. Then a dress pin is attached either end with a croc clip. A piece of...
  3. Sharon Elsdon

    DNA extraction with kiwi vs onion help?

    We have recently swapped from onion to kiwi DNA, mainly because it smells better :D We have noticed when you add the cold ethanol on top of the solution, there are a lot of bubbles. Once it sits for a few minutes you can see the DNA strands coming up from the solution, but there is a lot of...
  4. Sharon Elsdon

    Growing cress

    Hi It sounds like a silly question but I'm going to go for it none the less. Has anyone grown cress on agar to see the root hairs easily or any other medium rather than cotton wool or blotting paper? Something that's easy to take the roots out from would be great. Thanks in advance
  5. Sharon Elsdon

    DNA extraction

    Hi We are fairly sure we know the answer to this but felt it was worth a silly question. Could you freeze the filtrate for use at a later date? Thanks
  6. Sharon Elsdon

    Student Safety hazard perception

    Hi, We have a student that has stolen something from a lab then lied about it and were found out, they are coming to me for a 'rehabilitation' type course. I have a hazard perception cartoon and a quiz to take at the end. I shall show them the effect of NaOH on an eyeball (pigs). Does anyone...
  7. Sharon Elsdon

    Agar slopes developing condensation

    Hi, We are making agar slopes to put bacteria on to. When they are dry they are developing condensation, we are trying to keep them at a constant temperature and have tried 2 different batches of nutrient agar. Could anyone suggest a way of stopping this happening please? Thanks in advance.
  8. Sharon Elsdon

    Framework 9 text books request

    We were wondering if anyone out there no longer used their green Year 9 Framework text books and were looking to 'dispose' them. We are really short of them here in Norfolk and thought it was worth asking if anyone could donate some to us? Thank you