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    iron II sulphate

    Think I know the answer, but my stock pot of iron II sulphate is labelled as Fe2SO4.7H2O, with a mol.wt 278, I am presuming the extra 2 in the formula is their misprint??? Would have put this in chemistry thread, but its for making up algae medium, so cross subjects...
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    Having given up on the useless variable resistors, we are looking to use some of our new budget on new rheostats. Given the costs, we are limited in how many we can get. And what range is recommended? and can you also tell me the difference (as a non physicsy person) between rheostats...
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    I've previously used a home-made bath for zinc electroplating as per CLEAPSS, but have now been asked for pp, CuSO4, petri dishes etc. for a class set of copper plating. Is there anything I should be wary of, or advise, as I can't see anything on CLEAPSS about an alternative method, though the...
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    Cleaning 1m tubes

    We use 1m, 3cm diameter plastic tubes for 'drag', falling in water, streamlining etc. They are now starting to look quite grubby, with Plasticine marks etc on the inside. I don't suppose anyone has a neat solution (neat=tidy, not concentrated, solutions=answer not aqueous!) to clean them...
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    Anyone starting to like Thursdays?

    Everything I have washed up or used today, is effectively self quarantining till Monday. Including glassware. And goggles. Starting to think I should ban practicals on Friday, as a 'preproom re-set'. And its so nearly the weekend....
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    rubber tubing bore

    I need to order some more rubber tubing for the numerous set ups that have tubing connected to borosilicate glass tubing (most have become really friable over time..) Any idea as to bore size? Trying to measure with a ruler on the used tubing, but I'm not sure I'm reliable.. Thanks
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    New to Lablogger

    Hello all you advocates (in an unofficial capacity ) for Lab Logger. I'm using this relatively quiet time to set this up for the first time, and have a couple of queries, though any tips would be great! How do you store experiments for future reference? I can see how if you put one on...
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    re-using tea lights

    Now that we're out of budget, just wondered if anyone re-did their manky tea lights? should be simple enough to melt and re-pour, but wondered if need any particular stuff/method to replace short wicks...
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    Lungs in a bell jar

    I know this will have been posted before, but can't find the link. My 'lungs in a belljar' rubber diphragm is getting very friable, there's only so much more duct tape it can take.. Suggestions for replacement rubber? Without resorting to dubious sites....?! Thanks in advance..
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    Silly question. As some of our buzzers used for circuits have stopped working, does anyone know if buzzers now only come with flying leads? For consistency, I'd prefer the same as we have- with sockets for banana plugs, but can't seem to find them... If they do only have flying leads, the...
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    Alternative flame test loop holders?

    I don't suppose anyone has any good ideas how to salvage flame test loop holders, or a reasonable alternative? Much as I try to direct people down the splint soaked in solution route (which I really like, and gets done for open days etc.) whilst the syllabus stipulates nichrome wire loop cleaned...
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    glass v acetate burettes

    Thinking about my new budget/ restock list. Given how many glass burettes they managed to smash, are acetate ones just as good? Only up to KS4, so acid/alkali titrations only (unless the syllabus changes)...
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    Changing from AQA to EdExcel

    Apparently we are changing from AQA (with kerboodle textbooks/resources) to EdExcel (with Pearson tb etc.) for GCSE. Although I haven't officially been told, our new yr7 textbooks are now Pearson, and apparently our yr 10 will be changing over- I hope they mean next year as their required...
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    New AQA required practical booklet

    I've only just noticed (and fortunately have time to trial) that the AQA enzyme practical has slightly altered (now edition 5.2 Nov 18). Thought you lot might want to know, and if anyone else notices any changes, can they give us the heads up? Hopefully no real issues.... Having said that...
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    Cross head screws

    Getting very frustrated with a cross head screw on the base of a power pack- can't remove base to replace internal fuse without removing, and the firmly fixed screw is wearing away with my efforts to unscrew it. It is deeply inside the moulded base, so I can't see any other implement will fit...
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    Silly question... how long does 20vol H2O2 last for? If I make some fresh now, will it still be ok ( or even mostly ok) to make O2 in a boiling tube on Monday? Or will I have to make it fresh... Shouldn't be a problem , but expecting to be in a meeting prior to the expt period, might be a push...
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    Red cabbage

    Does anyone know if red cabbage freezes sufficiently well to reuse at a later date? My common sense says it should (after all we're not tasting it.. but don't know if freezing alters anything) Seems a shame to waste as only needed enough for 2 practicals, don't want to thaw and find it doesn't...
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    'The science team' conference

    I've been emailed the 2018 technicians conference information via CLEAPSS. Does anyone know who/what are 'the science team' are, and is it worth going? Seems much cheaper than the one in York, but is it therefore not as useful?
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    Mustard seed practical

    Hi folks.. wondered if anyone had any lovely tips on the required practical requiring white mustard /cress seeds. I tried in various containers -best growth in plastic egg box lids, probably as kept moist for longer in the initial germination BUT found even with apparent consistent watering got...
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    Glacial acetic acid

    I have just attempted to dilute some acetic acid down for general use, to find it frozen in the bottle ( or rather prettily freezing in the measuring cylinder as I attempted to decant...) Chemical cupboard rather chilly this morning.. The true meaning of glacial.. Will reattempt in the Spring...