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  1. megan l

    What's this?

    Found these in the drawer with weights for calibrating balances today, any ideas what they are/what they are used for?
  2. megan l

    Distilled water or tap water for agar plates?

    I'm making agar plates and realised the CLEAPSS recipe doesn't state to use distilled water for nutrient agar (unless I missed something) but it specifically says so for other types of agar. I always have used distilled, but does it matter what I use / can I use tap water?
  3. megan l


    I am coming up to the end of my apprenticeship in March, but have been told I have a job here when it's over. Whilst I like the job and find it fun, I can't justify staying for years to come due to the pay as I'm only young and would like to move out at some point! Everyone mentions to me about...
  4. megan l


    Hi everyone. It's come around to the enzyme required practical again and I cannot for the life of me get the amylase to dissolve properly in water or the practical to even work. Any tips? (we have both diastase and fungal amylase and are looking to do it at a range of pH's)
  5. megan l

    Algal balls storage

    Hello, does anyone have any idea how long algal balls can be stored for? Mine are in the fridge in distilled water currently and I've read many different things on their 'shelf life' - ranging from a couple days to weeks.
  6. megan l

    Bijou bottles for algal balls!

    Hello, I have managed to get the photosynthesis required practical using algal balls to work and the classes have got some good results. However, I would like the reaction to happen quicker and have read a lot about using smaller bijou bottles for it. I'm currently using 15ml bottles. Does...