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  1. Mad hatter

    Making rates of reaction micro kits

    Hi all, has anyone made the micro rates of reaction equipment (Cleapss). I was wondering what you used to make the holes in the plastic. Do you have any tips for making them? Thank you
  2. Mad hatter

    Making states of matter syringes

    Has anyone made filled syringes to show compression with solid, liquid and gas? I am not sure what glue to use to seal the end of the syringe. Is superglue any good? or maybe a sealant of some sort? thanks.
  3. Mad hatter

    Magnesium ribbon quality

    Has anyone else noticed the quality of Magnesium ribbon has diminished over the last few years? It tarnishes very quickly and will not light. We keep it as airtight as possible in between use. Someone suggested cleaning it with sandpaper? is that safe and does it work?
  4. Mad hatter

    Glass steam traps - which experiments used them?

    Hi all, we have some old glass steam traps but I have never seen them used. Which experiments might use them? Thanks
  5. Mad hatter

    Elodea and it's non invasive substitutes - supply issues

    Hi, we are getting lots of requests for oxygenating plants but we cannot find a good supplier. We have purchased it from the local aquatics shop in the past and it has been in a very poor state. We have also ordered it from an online source but when it gets delivered, it gets left in the...
  6. Mad hatter

    Algae balls - how are they made and used?

    I have never heard of algae balls, are they good at demonstrating photosynthesis? Do they fit in with AQA schemes of learning because I have only come across using Elodea etc for photosynthesis. Thanks
  7. Mad hatter

    Elephants toothpaste

    We get lots of requests for Elephant's toothpaste. We have tried so many ways to do it and none of them work well. Does anyone have a tried and trusted method that is impressive like the U tube videos please?
  8. Mad hatter

    cutting sheet zinc metal

    Does anyone have any tips for cutting zinc sheet metal into small pieces for displacement reactions? It is quite tough to cut. Do you use tin snips and what type, if you do? Scissors will work but the zinc often cuts the fingers. Thanks
  9. Mad hatter

    Thursday 24th December bank holiday for Walsall technicians?

    We work at an academy in the Walsall borough. On previous years (last 16 years) we have been given Christmas eve off as a bank holiday as well as Christmas day, Boxing day and New years day. This year we have new admin staff who know little about it and are assuming we will not get it. Do any of...